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  1. Just filling in the form on UKFinasteride.info and question 11 is as follows: 11. Do you know that finasteride is dangerous for females and contraception must be used during intercourse? * However, on Spex's website it states the following: Myth: Finasteride causes birth defects if a man takes it when his wife is pregnant. Fact: Exposure of pregnant women to semen from men treated with Propecia poses no risk to the fetus. So why do one say contraception is necessary and the other state there is no risk???
  2. I thought you would have to pay the full ost of the item rather than the cost of a single script?
  3. thanks Spex, do you know if Dr Ashcroft is still picking up his email requests as i've dealed with him exclusively in the past, but read on here about some people having difficulty getting a response from him? Also, i was thinking of starting Minox, do you know of many people who experienced increased bdy hair? I've also read on BaldTruth about people getting dark circles under eyes etc. Are these common sides - I could not see anything on the sides on your site. Thank for the reply and sorry for the late acknowledgement.
  4. Hi, I need to obtain a new batch of finasteride/Propecia as my urrent batch is running out. Where is the best (as in most reliable and cheap) that posts to UK? Thanks.
  5. Does any who has tried minox experienced increased body hair?
  6. Has anyone on here who has used Minoxidil experienced increased body hair with use of Minoxidil. Thinking about starting it and noticed this as a side effect. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. There are products such as Capillogain and Proxiphen which I've never heard of before, which get recommendations for hairline repair and maintenance. Has anyone heard of them before? Capillogain seems to be something relatively new which I've not heard off before.
  8. Got word from doctor who said they received no clear answer in regards to safety of Fin usage. Suggested that I see a dermatologist or trichologist for further study.
  9. Is there no more word on this Ru item? Seems to have died a death!
  10. Hi, Can you provide any independant study reviews for this product or medical approvals for stopping hairloss? From reading your post, it makes no reference to an ability to halt/slow/reverse hairloss. I assume it is primarily released as an alternative to Finasteride for prostate issues. In which case, has it been evaluated for side effects like Finasteride which causes multiple issues like watery semen, weakened orgasm etc.
  11. Do you use Kirkland or Regaine foam? Is there really no difference as some people seem to report increased dandruff, poorer results with Kirkland? Also, is there a shed with Minox and if so does the hair always recover from it?
  12. It is getting good reviews and is now in phase iii trails. Reports of 73% increase in hair count from baseline. Will this be allowed in UK if it gets approval? i thought it was a stem cell activation and is this allowed here?
  13. Can you explain this a bit further as I'm not sure what you mean by saying DHT suppression is more or less the same but hair loss may increase with smaller does? I thought that suppression of DHT reduced hair loss. PS - can no-one get rid of this annoying twat Bruce and his spam?
  14. Thanks for that reply Spex. I presume that it can only help - i.e. it doesn't accelarate hair loss and that I can just apply it to my frontal region at the minute as that is where I'm experiencing loss? Thanks.
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