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  1. Hiya PP, read your posting, we have not long discovered this forum, just in the nick of time as Phill was due for more crap surgery off Nortons on the 21st jan 09 !! hope you get chance to read our story in lucky escape. sounds like you had the same experience as Phill. Were doing our research now to find a doc to repair the work other so called docs have done. Hopefully this will be sometime this year but not rushing in to anything ( Once bitten and all that ) Pleased to hear that you have already accomplished this goal, we look forward to more pics. very best wishes to you
  2. Found the IAHRS web site, goin to have a real good look.
  3. Thank You spex, Phill reads all the information and replies from other forum members when he gets settled in after work and screams laughing names the lads use. Usually i cant get him near the computer Ha ha ha. I have stumbled across another forum so will look at that later. We are a lot happier now looking at some of the clinics available, Still don't want to get to excited until he has been assessed properly as every case is different. Thanks again for caring and we will see you soon.
  4. I just want to say... any guy would be more than lucky to have such a caring understanding partner like you....hats off to you! Also... you found these forums by doing your research for him... (well...u just struck gold!) you have saved him from another horrific event with an ugly unsatisfactory result He can rest assured....what he has now isnt in the same league as having a top Doc tidy him up...sorry he had to endure the bullshit he received from Norton!! The problem is we tend to 'believe' these UK butchers as they 'sound' so convincing.. last thing you would imagine is your being scammed so you put all your trust in them as all you want is what they promise...and to look more like the person you recognise in the mirror before the hair disappeared! but they know full well....they cant deliver way before they take all your hard earned money from you....its just disgraceful they are still allowed to be in business!! I also went to a UK clinic... suffered for over a decade afterwards. I am a changed person now after my repair with Feller Medical! and doing my research and meeting Spex... which was the best decision I have made in my lifetime. What I liked about Dr Feller and his team is the relaxed atmosphere and you feel at ease straight away knowing your in safe hands and your not treated as a number Good luck with your research into travelling well away from the UK! and a very successful repair Thanks BHUK, reading your opening comment brought a tear to my eye Phill says you want to try living with me ha ha ha !! the cheeky bugger. Phill is a lot happier now knowing that when the time comes proper help can be found. Before we thought HTs only resulted in another scar for little results, as you know you grasp at any solution available. Its all been an eye opener for us, like coming out of the dark, the before and after photos we have seen posted are ACE !! and yours is EXCELLENT !! bet your made up.
  5. Hiya BN, and thankyou, have read your experiences, trying to get my head around how these 'so called' docs can be so heartless !! preying on people when they are distressed. No pics as yet but hope to get some taken very soon.
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies, Phill has had a flap and scalp reduction by Dr Frechet in Birmingham and strip treatment twice by Thomas Norton in Wakefield. Phill does not recognise the name Isherwood. I have counted the implants but i can tell you its nowhere near the amount that was supposed to be put in and considering hes been twice i would have expected better results, just cant bring myself round to mention it to him, don't want to upset him. I can not tell you the name of the person who was going to perform the treatment this time, stupidly we never asked ( left our brains on the clinic step as we went in ) but when i cancelled it over the phone the woman said Tom Norton would not be doing it and the bad reports were years ago, yeah around the time he had his hands on my fellas head !!! ( bring on the bigger alarm bells ) I'm just glad we found this forum in time. Phill seems quite ok for the moment with what hes got on top but i know its a thing that's never to far from his mind otherwise he wouldn't have started down the HT road in the first place. One more time though to improve things with the option of little repair work in the future. Thanks to Spex for taking the time to talk to us ( even in the cinema lol ) and we will visit when Phill gets his head around things. We are researching over the net but would be glad for any tips and recommends that you guys can give. I had not met my partner when he had his first treatments 10 yrs or so ago but I'm here now and I'm going to make sure he gets the best treatment possible when hes ready. Will have to teach my fella computer skills, hes 'computerphobic'
  7. Would just like to thank all the guys who post on this forum. my partner has had past hair surgery performed by the norton clinic, need i say more. he had been considering one last pop at it and arranged another consultation with norton. im so glad i went with him as the "set up" got me suspicious. i decided to check them out and came across your forum, we had booked for surgery 21/01/09 "NEXT WEEK" the blood still drains from my face at the thought, needless to say we promptly cancelled. we are doing our research and hope to find a top doc to do a proper job. just wanted to say how greatful we are to find this site, you saved us from disaster.
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