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  1. Depends which products you want. Buying from the internet is just so easy these days, and very reliable so shouldnt worry from that point of view.
  2. Thanks Bill As you say, wait and see for people to try it. Think the price will put people of until they see some hard facts. Got a reply from Shiseido that just said Adenoshin as they called it, will only be available in Japan with no plans yet for worldwide marketing. One for the back burner.
  3. Thanks Bill Think at lest they should have more info on their website on clinical trials that have been done. For people to shell out that amount of money, a little proof would help. On another note, what do you think about Adenogen, the new topical coming from Shisheido?
  4. I'm interested to know if you have any information on this product. It seems to come out from no-where and yet is making very bold claims with no evidence to back it up, and a wacking price tag to boot. i tried emailing the company but the didnt reply, which is not a great start. just wondered if you have any inside info?
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