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  1. Hello Arctic It has been a while since I have been on these boards. Too busy MILFing I'm afraid (Dont let my wife read this) I am still pleased with the results I have, would like to me with Dr F in Summer to discuss a second and final trip to get some crown work done (not too much though as I would prefer it to still look thinning just in case more goes !) I remember seeing you at one of the showcases and you were just about to go to NY to see Dr F for the crown. That was probably a year ago now. How did it go and have you got any pictures? Thanks AJG
  2. Hi What a sh*t excuse for a programme. I know it is for a charity, but my licence fee is paying for this rubbish! I think he has buckets of concealer in there, but I also think people are drawn to it, and notice it, because everyone is used to Barry with no hair from his Eastender days. He looks different! It was Farjo. He should go and get it filled in proper!
  3. Here comes that important comment - (Suprised you didn't mention this Spex ) You are at the 1 year stage ( Me too in 2 weeks! Hoorah!) Doctor F told me in London the other week that the hair shafts themselves will now thicken as they get older. So, taking that into consideration, you should review the situ at the 18 month point before making any definitive comments as to the density of it. I certainly will not be considering any second passes in the front where I had mine until 18 months. Agree with the comments about getting a hair cut ! Glad you are pleased with it !
  4. I used Dermatch - Brilliant stuff - Paint it on, It just darkens your scalp and isn't messy like that spray on shit. Less is more and you can add a small amount. One lot (around £30 lasts a year) Its a bit like ladies foundation, but just hair coloured Disclaimer - I don't wear ladies make up, and never have done, or dresses, or bra's ... honest!
  5. and those piccies of me taken at the open house last month is with my hair at grade 4 on top. I am actually growing it at the moment, and it is really thick. The combination of the old HC@JB&C f**k up and the new Feller HT has given me v good coverage. Thanks for that last pic Spex
  6. Hi Tim At long last I have found somebody else that went to the same butcher as me! The Hair Clinic @ JB&C in Wigmore Street! Dr Feller has since sorted me out. Search for my post to see what a mess my hairline was in! I have the same pits, the same problem with Toppik laying in the pits, and a whole load of scars at the back of my head as they always did their strip from a new site! You need a strip - Dr F can revise some of your scars - He did it with me with tricho closure, I agree with putting loads in your front third, grow it long, get on Propecia, and then brush your hair back. Happy to meet up so you can see my journey one year later almost, if you are near London just to share our opinions of Mr C. Perhaps we could meet in his reception? B*****d !! If you find his website now, no pictures at all. I wish the web was around when I made that mistake in 1993 ! AJG
  7. You jest. A Jewpé "system" with lasers and a charge for each additional clip on fitting could be coming to an AHS near you soon! Salesman needed. Don't need to be Jewish. Full training will be given!
  8. SHaft, it depends on your donor supply. Some people have enough to fill an entire balding scalp, and some don't. It depends on the size and density of your donor supply. For example, Ian (and myself) have enough donor for the crown as well. From memory, I think PB's is limited so he is doing the right thing by working from the front and going backwards. The worst thing would be a nice hairy crown island in a sea of skin. PB's second HT will look just as natural as the first, and if he grows it and brushes it back, with his nice filled in hairline and the new mid scalp / bridge filled in, this will (in my view) reduce the appearance of a thinning crown. PB , am I right? The art of illusion!
  9. When I had two consults with Dr Rogers, he freely showed me lots of photographs of patients, and several stages. He does have some photos he could show. Some of the stuff I saw was pretty good (though not as good as Feller for sure) I guess he is airing on the side of caution becuase of the legal aspect, and I'm sure we can all understand that. If anyone put a photo of my head on the internet with or without my face being blocked out, I would not be very impressed. The internet is a very powerful tool, but surely nobody is going to make such big decisions on the back of a few online photo's. I would urge potential HT clients to meet the surgeon, meet some of his patients, and then make an informed decision. The internet is purely a filtering process to know which surgeons to discard and which to explore further. Dr Rogers should be saluted for trying to come up on these boards and making himself accountable to us SHLN board people. Dr Rogers, whatever you can do to get more of your work online can only help your cause. The previous London butchers I went to doesn't have any photo's on their site! If only the internet was invented in 1993.......Doh! For anyone who hasn't been to Fellermedical in NY, one of his rooms is pretty much a photographic studio so he is taking high quality photo's pretty much pre, during and post ops which he shares with you. AJG
  10. The puppys parts! (but slightly hairier!)
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    Good luck! Your jouney is similar to mine!
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