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  1. The most unprofessional company i've ever come accross. Not only is the laser therapy a complete waste of money in my opinion (having spent £3000), but also a waste of time. 50 minute sessions once every two weeks. The owners of this company are an absolute discrace. The manager at the bristol studio changed three times in six months, and neither of them had a an ounce of professionalism. The studio was dirty, with magazines more suited for a sperm donar clinic. How do they get away with it???
  2. Hi everyone, please could someone give me some advice on the best products available. I've read so many conflicting views from people, I just don't know what to think!! I have just spent £3000 at AHS, and not had good results. Although my hair loss has not got any worse, it hasn't really improved. I'm still taking the herbal stuff and using the minoxidil 5%, but recently I have noticed my hair getting worse again. What are the treatments at Belgrave like?? They said they've got a stronger solution, but am I better off going to Boots and buying Regain (with 5% Minoxidil) for a fraction of the price?? HELP
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