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  1. Hi Yes - loss continued when using Propecia and Avodart, and this was in combination with Regaine.
  2. Hello everyone My hair loss started when I was 21 - this was 16 years ago. I started on Regaine 2%, I then progressed to 5%, used Propecia and Avodart (tried them for 2 years but with no notcieable change) as well over the years, used Reviogen as well. Now I'm 37 and my hair loss is getting very noticeable, quite alot lost on the temples and crown. Over the last 5-6 years I've only being Regaine once a day due to work constraints, I'm now starting on Regaine 5% again using day and night and I have Nizorelle shampoo, I presume this is the same as Nizoral? If anybody can give me advice I would be very grateful. I've tried for so long and hate to give up!
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