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  1. Best of luck! I went to New York about the same time last year to see Dr Feller. I did a similar thing and combined a 2 week holiday onto xmas shutdown. Also a great time to be in New York as its cold and everyone is wearing hats etc... Come January/February you'll wonder why you never had it done earlier in your life... Took me 2 years to commit to an HT and now Im over the moon! Dr Feller is an excellent choice, and The Andrew is a great place to stay. My gf and I stayed in NYC for 2 nights before having the HT, I then moved hotels to the Andrew in Queens. I then planned to lay low in the hotel for a few days after but after one day of rest, the second I was out walking around the small town getting dvds and snacks for the hotel room. By the 3rd day we were riding the train back into NYC for one last day site seeing.... Flying home wasn't a problem. Straight through security wearing my hat, didn't even get asked to remove it. Flew AA on a night flight so the cabin lights were on really dim so people could sleep so I took my hat off as nobody could see me, just put it back on when landing etc... Best of luck with your HT...!
  2. Thanks Dr Feller..... I have to say Im very pleased with the results. I've looked at so many other patients pictures from other doctors who have had over double the amount of grafts I received, yet with similar if not poorer results than mine. I can only assume that I had a very high growth yield, and other docs plant lots more grafts as they're aware there growth yield is a lot less. here are some more pics at 10 months after hair cut and outside with no flash to show true and fair result.
  3. Have you got your pics yet? What about some post op snaps?
  4. Im good thanks... Don't get online much these days. Weird considering I used to spend my life on hair forums for almost 2 years before I went under the knife! Anyway I've just taken my 10 month post op pics... plenty more on http://www.hairlosshelp.com/websites/Gasman/
  5. congrats mate.... look forward to seeing the pics
  6. Best of Luck hairymuff.... You're in good hands so everything will be cool... Enjoy New York.... You going to stay long?
  7. I've now just reached the 7 month post op stage. All is going well. My left side seems thinner than the right but maybe this will even out over the next few months or so. Pics in the gallery below: http://www.hairlosshelp.com/websites/galle...n|gallery11.cfm
  8. GasMan


    Sorry for late reply. Im not on the forums as much as I used to be. I'll be at the 7 month stage in about 3 weeks. I'll get some photos sorted.....
  9. I will try and pop in and say hi.... Oh and of course say a big thank you to Dr Feller for his excellent work on me....!
  10. Hopefully I will be free for the next meet.... Anyone planning one for London?
  11. 5 months post op pictures now posted.... All going very well!!! Check out http://www.hairlosshelp.com/websites/Gasman/
  13. Im good thanks Spex..... Just posted 5 month post op pics....
  14. May I just add... Your HT will be great!!! And all will be fine.. I appreciate its hard to believe just now, but as time goes on you will become happier and happier. Just be patient for now and wait for the good times to come.... Take a look at my page http://www.hairlosshelp.com/websites/Gasman/ I had 1032 FUE with Feller. Im VERY HAPPY with my results so far... Im hoping over the next 3-5 months I should see some thickening up... Once again... relax, try to leave things alone on the head... Results will cheer you up soon enough... Best of luck!
  15. This image shows the difference between 3 and 4 months.... Can't wait for month 5 now! ;-)
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