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  1. Congrats mate, i'm 23 and about 2 months ahead of you but looks good. All the best but the hardest bit is yet to come, trust me lol
  2. Hi Julie, It's nice to see you care so much about your son he sounds very very similar to me (i'm currently 23 been losing my hair since about 16 too) I've been on propecia and for about a year or more now and in January had a Hair Transplant at a top doc in New York. If you or your son want anyone to talk to about the matter i'm more than happy to chat about similaritys and try and help you or your son in any way i can. Ask away if you need my personal info (phone number or e-mail just ask too i'm happy too) Ad
  3. Sunnyday if you e-mail me on adamgbailey@hotmail.co.uk I can help you with the regaine foam
  4. Hi Guys, I'm a little over 2 months now so thought i'd update you all, not much has happened although there do seem to be a few little soldiers on a mission lol!! As always any questions let me know Ad
  5. Ok 1 month post op update time not very happy with these pics lol because it was early morning and i was tired and so my hairs a complete mess anyway... anyway not here for a modelling job so here they are...
  6. 8 Days post op pictures.... (first 3 images) 16 Days post op pictures......(last 4 images)
  7. Hey everyone, Thought i'd give you all an update, i don't have the camera with me at the minute but i have done update photos at around 8 days post and 16 days post op so will post these up when i have time (hopefully tonight) but basically here is where i am at.... At 10 days had the staples removed by the nurse at the GP (she was really excited to see me back as it was the same one i had do my blood results and i told her i was going to New York for a HT and thats why i needed them and she geniunely seemed interested at the time but i know she was interested when i went back she was asking to see it asking what it was like out there if the way they do things is similar to the UK etc. so had a good chat with her she said it was healing well and the staples definatly needed to come out>. Anyway waffling now...)so yeah had them removed which was actually alot less painful than i thought!! Some removed without me even noticing at all other gave a tiny pinch as they came out but nothing really. Once the staples were out it was like total bliss! but at the same time i also felt alot more delicate so spent the next few days being very careful. (i'm still being careful now but not to the extremes as i was then lol) I've been using spex's suggested post-op kit and having Vitamin C, Omega 3,6,9, aloe vera gel with tea tree (at least 2 times a day) and just started MSM as well as obviously staying on the proscar/propecia i did buy some rogaine foam but have decided against using it not sure why really lol just not that sure i want to use it so if anyone needs some for a discount contact me lol. So here we are at 17 days post op and all seems to be doing well so far the scar seems to healing really well not causing me much problems at all from what people have said that i've shown it is about a pencil line think and pink which sounds good to me!! The recipient area has now pretty much completely shed all the scabs some scabs shed with hairs in them which i hear is normal so now i have a slightly pink scalp but also still have a fair few hairs in probably i guess around 60%?!? i think it's probably my imagination but i think they might have grown a little too but i'm not going to get carried away just yet! I decided against shaving my head down i got it cut but just got it tidyed up and the hair dresser said how good she thought it looked she left enough hair to cover the scar still and said the scar looks really good and smooth she thought it would be raised. The reason i left my hair and didn't buzz it down is i just wear a cap when i'm outside and that covers the recipient and the scar with my hair at this length but if it was buzzed my scar would show with a cap on i think. Also i work in an office and only 2 other people are in here so i don't care them seeing me they know i had it done. So i just wear a cap to and from the office then take it off. So thats where i am at present i'll update the photos later and keep the updates coming! Any questions just ask and i'll try my best lol cheers again for everyones support and advice on the forums.
  8. Spex, Thanks for adding the pics pal! Thanks for all the support and kind words. I'm going to be staying at home for 2 weeks and i've booked in for the staples to be removed on Monday which will be 10 days post op. After that i think i am going to get it cut down as i agree it balances it more. I stayed in the Grand Hyatt in manhatten for the first 2 days i was there then moved to The Andrew for the night before and after the op and back to Grand Hyatt for the final night before i went home. New York is an amazing city i absolutely loved it there even if your not going there to see Dr Feller I can highly recommend going to New York as it's an amazing and stunning place! I'll just write a bit about the day for anyone going to Dr Feller so you know what to expect more. I got to the office early about 7.30 and a few minutes later Dr Feller arrived, i'll be honest at this point i was feeling a little nervous, but he arrived smiling and joking with me making me feel instantly at ease we went into his office and we discussed what i wanted to achieve and he drew a plan out. At this point the techs started to arrive I believe a total of 8 were needed for my session. We next went into the local anesetic room where i laid face down on a chair and the injections were given to numb the donor area this was not too bad but i can see why people say it's the worst part you do get a short sharp pain but this soon disapears i had a fair few of these going across the back of the head. You then walk through to what i'll call the "working room" this is past the workstations for the techs where you sit in a chair and then Dr Feller with the help of the techs takes the donor strip which for me was about 30cm x 1.5cm i believe this was the part i wasn't looking forward to although you don't feel any pain you can feel a little pressure and the cutting noise is like someone cutting carpet but really it's all in your head and is over and stapled up in 30mins or so and Dr Feller was talking me through what was going on and reasuring me the whole time. The strips are given to the techs and they do thier magic on them while Dr Feller adds anesetic to the recipient area again a little painful as before but goes quickly then Dr Feller made the recipent holes. You can almost fall asleep at this point you only feel a little pressure but there is no pain at all. Now 2 or 3 techs start placing the grafts 2 placing and 1 keeping the area wet in my case the techs are really nice and were chatting laughing and joking with me which kept me entertained and also kept me at ease this goes on for a fair while and Dr Feller actually needed to add some more holes for me i believe i ended up with 3,600+ grafts in the end. I was then finished about 4.30 and Dr Feller gave me some pain killers and i was on my way. I want to thank Dr Feller and all the techs they are truely lovely people and made me feel so relaxed and were so caring and friendly they really made the day so much better for me than i expected it to be. I went to the hotel with a fresh bandage added on the donor area i decided not to wear a cap as i didn't want to risk knocking the grafts and didn't really care who saw me and i did this till about sun only wearing a cap for the flight home. I took the pain killers every 4 hours on the first night and setup my bed with 4 pillows to allow me to sleep upright at 45 degrees on the first morning i had some swelling on my forehead but slept the same way the following night and from then had no more swelling at all! I also had no pain the whole time although now i am finding it a little hard to sleep as laying on the staples is a little sore and uncomfortable the best night sleep i had was actually the first night when i was still numb lol but the staples come out on mon which is 10 days post op so not too much longer. I just wanna thanks spex as well as he's always answered all my questions straight away and just before i left i was phoning him a few times with questions and he was always happy to stop and talk so thanks bud. Also thanks to everyone on the forums here and others for all your help guidance and support it's been great i'll make sure i keep you all updated with pictures and will take some more when the staples are removed.
  9. Hi everybody, I've posted on a few forums but had a little trouble getting registered on here but Bill's sorted me out now so i'll get posting my story... I'm 23 from the uk and have been losing my hair slowly since about the age of 18 i've tried potions, lotions, nourkrin and now on propecia for about 10 months which while seems to be steadying hair loss has not improved it any. I am also using the hair thickener fibres on the crown. Well i'm tired of people being suprised when i tell them my age thinking i am alot older and having no confidence in myself i don't want to leave the house anymore i'm that low. I decided the only way was a HT and so started looking about i contacted the Norton Clinic who replied with an idea of things and wanted me to go to a consultation. I was about to do this when i stumbled across a Youtube video showing a bad result and googled them and ended up coming here. Well i'm damned glad i did!! can't find anyone with a good thing to say about them." So for the next few months (and a while before that) i have been doing research as i knew a transplant was the way i needed to go to make me happy and after speaking to many places i was overwhelmed by a)the help i recieved from spex and the seemingly endless evidence of Dr Feller's work and so finally decided on Dr Feller. The Dr suggested a 3,500+ graft which would involve making a new hairline and working backwards as far as possible with the safest amount of grafts avalible on the day. I booked in for Jan '09 as this was the earliest Dr Feller had available (another testiment to his work i think) and with the deposit now paid and flights and hotel booked for the nights surrounding the procedure all booked it's all starting to become a reality and while i feel the tiniest bit nervous it's being far outweighed by the excitment i have that it's coming together. I've booked flights with Virgin Atlantic as i've used them before and the time goes so much faster with movies and things to watch and the actual flights wern't too bad. I decided to stay in the Andrew hotel the night before and proceeding the procedure as it was a fair price and looks a nice place but will be staying somewhere in the city for the rest of the time so i can see New York in all it's glory (hopefully with Christmas lights too ) i am going to fly out 4 days before and go home 2 days after the procedure to get me relaxed and also use the trip as a mini holiday! Blood works all done and all has now been paid for so i fly out tomorrow (tue 6th) and the procedures on Fri 9th. Overall i'm really happy it's all happening I don't want to take away the pain of lossing hair from anyone else as it is a hurtful and painful thing for most guys that it effects i think but being my age it truly is upsetting to me and i'm just glad thiers places like this for me to do my research and people like spex and the rest on here to give information and people like Dr Feller who are skilled and can change things for people. If any of you have any last min tips or tricks please do let me know! I've attached a pic but i'm going to take some better pics pre op as the ones i have arn't great and i'll try keep this thread updated at least monthly Many Thanks Adam
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