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  1. It all can get pretty frustrating at times i was told it takes at up to 18 mths to get to the final result, hang on in there BH I think once you're hair goes through a few cycles it should look a lot better, iv just gone through one major shed and it really freaked me out, but now my hair looks a lot more natural, just give it time.
  2. Yep its pretty exiting, and without a doubt makes a big difference
  3. A big improvement, glad you're happy with the result
  4. us mere mortals are not so fortunate.
  5. Congrats stevo you're going to have some great coverage, looking forward to seeing the end result
  6. Its worth a try, how on earth did you expect to keep this a secret from you're partner you might be surprised, in my experience women tend to find the whole thing fascinating, as pb said youv'e nothing to lose.
  7. My first uk ht got infected, i had to go on course of antibiotics, but had no problems after i went to a real ht surgeon.
  8. Omg what a sad story the best of luck to you.
  9. zip it

    Pb @ 7 Months

    Looks really good nice one pb
  10. Doesn't look to bad to me just needs more density. great pics
  12. bigmac, im touched, seriously it means a lot, thank you
  13. i thought it was a wig i think it was discussed on here sometime last year.
  14. Congrats gasman Three years thats some serious research, the rest of you're hair looks really healthy, good luck
  15. It looks totally amazing, a great transformation
  16. That looks great, you look like a different person
  17. Looks a lot better without the gel You should still have some improvement ime at 13 mths and have def noticed an improvement since 11mths it seems to have thickened up, mind you it could be all in my imagination, if thats the case ime talking total bollocks
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