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    Hi PB, Yes you've hit the nail on the head, this is what im worried about If i can keep what ive got then i would be happy even if it means staying on the meds for the rest of my life. My biggest worry is ive got no hair on the temples in front of my ears if know what i mean, i am still pleased with my ht it looks natural a bit like a diffused thinner. thanks for taking the time to reply. Spex, I can't make london this month, work commitments i will give you a ring and send some pics if thats ok.
  2. zip it


    Hi Spex, Nice to hear from you :)yep 4 years thats Unbelievable Shame about the forum this place was a real life line for me, and many others. Yes it would be good to meet up soon, if thats ok. I think i need more of youre expert advice
  3. zip it


    Hi PB nice to hear from you, My hairs not good, and yes i seem to have lost more, the biggest worry is that it seems to have thinned out all over, and the temple points above the ears have receded further back even the hairdresser commented on it. I would have thought i would need at least another 3000 + and dont think i have anywhere near that left, still really pleased with my ht though, that hair looks good and strong I changed from dut to propecia due to the side effects, so i might switch back to dut and see if that improves things. BTW whats happened to the forum, seems really quiet?
  4. HI BHUK Congrats youre hair looks awsome, Surley you must be done now
  5. zip it


    Hi Guys, in my case it took at least as year for the hair to look normal, a few cuts and shedding and then things looked really natural, if you went to one of the top docs youv'e got nothing to worry about just give it time, you can't start scrutinising a few weeks or even months after a ht it takes time and a hell of a lot of Patience
  6. Nice one PB, Seriously you've had youre ears done got any pics ?
  7. Hi Bullitnuts, Looks pretty good Still got a fair way to go though, congrats
  8. looks great mate, really pleased for you, you've had it tough BH, Great to see a happy ending, Merry Christmas and a happy New year
  9. Thanks for the kind words hairroot, really pleased things are going well for you, and nice to hear from old friends
  10. Thanks BHUK , or should i say Great Hair UK I need some photography lessons, or a new camera. Tried every setting but still couldn't get any clear shots I always knew the density wouldn't be great, but I'm pleased with the result. I would probably need another 3000 + grafts to get a good density, and to be honest i don't think I've got that left. I'm going to try to meet up with spex to get his opinion. btw you're hair looks fantastic
  11. Cheers guys, appreciate the comments, I am seriously considering going back to be maxed out.
  12. Wow,well done for getting you're money back that must be a first, and well done for not falling for that twat tarquins bs.
  13. Hi guys here are my 2 year pics 3250 grafts with dr feller. Repair patient after receiving a poor ht in the uk Buzzed no7 outside shots you're thoughts please guys
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