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    Fue Sessions

    I think this is fair enough Dr Feller I think this is safe to say it counts for everyone as until the Dr has performed FUE on the individual there is no way to determine if they are a suitable candidate for FUE or not. This is very interesting !! It would be intersting to know what certain Dr's use what size tools to determine their morals. Thank you for sharing this post Spex
  2. Meet Spex and let him take photos
  3. Looked like a nice job anyway. I am sure the results will be great. Obviously very natural on all accounts
  4. Norton doesn't still perform surgery i wouldn't have thought. "Norton" just ship in any old Dr. They will have a very high turn over of staff. Theres your issue right there. Look at Bosley. 100 clinics 100's of Dr's. 10, 000 of victims. Yet they still are allowed to perform butchery everyday Go figure that one out http://www.bosleymedicalviolations.com/ The leading guys are the Dr's who name is above the door and has been for 15 yrs. The Dr's name on the door should be the Dr performing the surgery. See my point. This way these dr's can be held accountable and receive the recognition if warranted.
  5. Your bitterness towards Transplants is very apparent and rightly so after what i can only imagine what you have been through. What you seem to not understand is that YOU went to the WORST clinics possible. The leading clinics have very ethical and capable Dr's who plan accordingly to suit that particular individual with further loss in mind with correct relevant surgery. Spex put it well to me: "Top HT surgeons are like snookers players ..They think 5 shots ahead" Jaym, you need to research HT's through the forums and not keep spurting out that HT's are BAD just because you have been carved up and spat out by these clinics in the UK. Ask ANYone of these guys if they regret their surgery - NO - on the contrary - best thing they ever did because they chose the right surgeon who had their best interest at heart and has the most experience of anyone today performing HT'S in the world and planned an appropriate surgery for them. Gallery of pictures Don't even try and get an answer to why the UK can not offer a HT surgeon. Let me save you a great deal of time. There is NO Dr/Clinic in the UK that is as experienced and has the ability of the TOP surgeons in the US and Cananda. Do not beat a dead drum as there is no answer. Just hop on a plane for 6 hrs and get the best the world can offer you. Its as simple as that. Best guy in the UK is supposed to be Rogers Well whatever, heres the control for you. Feller (one of thebest in the world) US - flight £200 2 nights accommodation £150 = TOTAL £350 3500 grafts average session for him = £4800 Rogers UK (ok HT surgeon) 3000 max probably done a few if that = £5950 Not only is Feller HT over a 1k cheaper he is the best in the world! You do the maths jaym is very simple but to be honest i think you need to do more reading and less posting at this time in order for you to understand the differences in caliber of surgeon for yourself and why;)
  6. Call it and ask to speak to her - No one at the BBC with her name
  7. Ummm, interesting! I just called this Alice Bowen at the BBC and there is noone of that name at the BBC
  8. Sounds shocking Sorry to hear you have been had again. You should meet up with Feller when he is here in January He will more than likely be able to resolve your issues. Look what he just did for BadhairUK Amazing!!
  9. 8 weeks is the toughest time. You need to be prepared to wait another 2 months until you see anything. Yes 2 more months minimum from everything i have read:) And then it only starts. Looks like you got off likey from the h-ospial gro-p. Looks like you didn't get a lot from them. How many did they supposidly give you?
  10. helpme


    Thanks for the update, much appreciated Continue to grow well!!
  11. Dr Rogers, with all due respect i think your repsonse is very weak! But we have many UK patients here who gladly show their pictures with their face blacked out or forehead cropped. Here are a few: link to patient pics Can you not even provide us with 10 before and after pictures of your patients?? So you have no repeat patients who return for further work, top ups??Surely you must a have at least a few?? Again this is weak in my honest opinion. Your improvements have been made over the last 2/3 years yet you have no results to show us. Several guys have documented results and shown great progress after only 6 months. So this again is weak in your defense in my honest opinion. I know it must sound like i'm breaking your balls but i am only asking basic questions here. BairhairUK just had a repair session from Dr Feller after a UK clinic churned him up and he posts pictures gladly like most UK guys. This guy is a repair patient who you would have thought would be "more reticent" than most about posting pictures but does it, and does it well. He has just posted some more very clear pictures here and also states that he was not asked to post pictures as you are implying by his Dr. Link to post
  12. This is an indication of what this industry is about as we have seen from the recent posting yet again Deception and lies We are fortunate that there are a few clinics out there that do actually provide an honarable, high standard procedure. Its just such a shame we have to sift through so much cr@p to get there.
  13. helpme


    Any updates? Saw you reading!! How has the repair gone?? Your 5 month update was a while back now!! You forgotten about us! 5 months AJG
  14. Thats a first for a UK Clinic!!! Ready when you are Dr Rogers, you have the floor!
  15. Thanks for confirming what i thought. Dr Rogers was implying that patients get pushed into taking photos! Show us pics now if you can as then we can see what the donor area looks like immediately after staple removal. The way you are going mate you will possibly have one of the best documented HT journey's of all time also with the best pictures I commend you especially afer everything you have been through mate
  16. I don't think its too much to ask to see several pre/post op pics from a Dr do you especially when he comes on to the forum and shows us an immediately post op pic which in all honesty is no use to man nor beast. We have seen immediately post op pics a million times on all the forums. PB, if you were a doc on this forum would you not come on with several solid pre /post op pics of various patients rather than a random immed post op? Other established Dr's with solid reps regularly interact with their patients and perspective patients on these forums and regularly provide detailed pictures of various patients. These Dr's are highly respected as they satnd up and get counted by displaying various work to be scrutinsed by us and take the heat come what may. These Dr's that do this and get involved in these forums have my respect as they have NOTHING to hide! Think about it!
  17. Thanks for reporting back in about your experience. I think you need to now rest and take a break from this HT world as the wait is only going to drive you mad on all accounts. Get out there and get MILF'ing!! But before you go can you share with us some of your brilliant pictures of the scar. I persoanlly think you are the best picture taker out there today on the forums!!!! Shame that the UK DR's don't provide more pictures as your pictures basically highlights how easy it is to document for the benefit of others! Out of interest were you asked to take pictures by Dr Feller and put them on the forum??
  18. Dr Rogers, do you not take pictures of all your patients like all the other Dr's so that you can monitor and compare the pre op/post op pictures? Do the majority of patients not agree to have any pictures taken at all, this would answer a great deal!? Are you implying that all other Dr's push patients to post their pictures and their personal experiences.I think its clear what you are implying and i think thats a little weak on your behalf. Is it not essential that patients post their own pictures and experiences in order to educate others in terms of the varying standards in HT's? I persoanlly think this is a little lame and as a HT doctor it is your duty to provide pictures of results. Block the patient face out, or are ALL your patients opposed to even that? I am not being funny here but you have an opportunity here to provide us with some of your best pre op post op pictures, especially hairline shots. Can you post just 10 clear hairline shots of your work. I don't think this is too much to ask for The door has been opened Dr Rogers for you to come in and show us your work why not present it like this: Link to hairlines by Dr Feller I truly hope you step up to the plate
  19. Dr Rogers, good to see you on here. You must see many repair cases from different clinics in the UK. Do you care to mention your findings on the general standard that is being offered to patients here in the UK from these so called "leading clinics". Surely its not about FUE providing density as FUE is the extraction method. Its about the number of grafts being placed into a particular area. You extract 1000 grafts via strip or FUE you are still going to get the same density are you not? A graft is a graft whether extracted via strip or FUE This placement you have showed us, do you use lateral slit? and also what density per cm2 is this at? Were these 1000 FUE performed in one day?
  20. Indeed, this I.S.H.R.S is a worthless membership quite obviously!!! This standard is the best one as these Surgeons have had their work judged by the best and have been noted as proper HT surgeons who provide exceptional results time after time. Coalition Physicians Coalition Physicians Integrity, Skill and Ultra Refined Results Coalition members are carefully reviewed and granted membership based strictly on their high level of integrity, skill, experience and ability to perform ultra refined follicular unit transplantation. Coalition Physicians perform Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting While many surgeons now perform follicular unit grafting, only a minority have risen to the challenge of using very tiny incisions and grafts to achieve ultra refined results. Such ultra refined follicular unit grafting, while very demanding on the physician and staff, enables patients to achieve cosmetic density in one pass as well as rapid healing. The below Coalition members all perform Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation. To learn more about the Coalition membership standards. To learn more about ultra refined follicular unit grafting. Coalition Members Dr. Scott F. Alexander 4444 N 32nd Street, Suite 230 Phoenix Arizona Tel:(602) 956-8800 Leonard E. Aronovitz, D.O. 26400 W. 12 Mile Road, Suite 150 Southfield Michigan Tel:(800) 531-7117 Robert M. Bernstein, M.D., F.A.A.D. 125 East 63rd St. New York New York Tel:212 826-2400 Glenn Charles, D.O. 200 Glades Road Suite 2 Boca Raton Florida Tel:1-888-726-0651 Jerry E. Cooley, MD 10502 Park Rd. Ste 100 Charlotte North Carolina Tel:704-542-1601 James DeYarman, D.O. 3252 Holiday Court, Ste. 204, La Jolla San Diego California Tel:1-800-FOR-HAIR Robert J. Dorin, DO 360 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1102 New York New York Tel:1-866-424-7637 Jeffrey Epstein MD, FACS 6280 Sunset Drive, Suite 504 Miami Florida Tel:305-666-1774 Alan Feller, D.O 287 Northern Blvd., Great Neck New York Tel:1-800-424-7728 Edmond I. Griffin, MD The Medical Quarters, Suite 169, 5555 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road NE Atlanta Georgia Tel:(404) 256-4369 Robert Haber, M.D. 14077 Cedar Road, Suite 200 South Euclid Ohio Tel:216-932-5200 Victor Hasson MD 1001 West Broadway, Suite 600 Vancouver British Columbia Tel:1-800-859-2266 Sharon Keene, MD 310 North Wilmot, Suite 304 Tucson Arizona Tel:1-800-840-9761 Raymond Konior, MD. 1s280 Summit Avenue, Suite C-4 Oakbrook Terrace Illinois Tel:(630)932-9690 Bradley Limmer, MD 14615 San Pedro, Suite 210 San Antonio Texas Tel:1-800-424-7210 Bobby L. Limmer, MD 14615 San Pedro, Suite 210 San Antonio Texas Tel:1-800-424-7210 H. Rahal, MD 1145 Hunt Club Road, Suite 410 Ottawa Ontario Tel:1-877-712-HAIR (4247) William Reed, M.D 6515 La Jolla Blvd La Jolla California Tel:Toll Free: 1-888-818-LJHR (5547) Paul T. Rose, M.D. 2919 W. Swann Ave, Suite 105-A Tampa Florida Tel:813 924 4247 Dr. Ron Shapiro 5270 West 84th Street Suite 500 Bloomington Minnesota Tel:800-843-1989 Martin E. Tessler M.D. 26400 W. 12 Mile Road, Suite 150 Southfield Michigan Tel:(800) 531-7117 Robert H. True, M.D., ABHRS 360 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1102 New York New York Tel: 212 826-2525 Dr. Arthur Tykocinski Rua Januário Miráglia, 181, Vila Nova Conceição São Paulo Brazil Tel:(55) 11-3889 7356 Jerry Wong, MD 1001 West Broadway, Suite 600 Vancouver British Columbia Tel:1-800-859-2266
  21. Any comments from Isherwood????? The silence is defening Norton Doesn't look like hes only a butcher at HT's either
  22. helpme


    Please inform us where the shite is...... do you mean this? QUOTE(helpmyhair @ Dec 14 2006, 05:32 PM) Or this...... -------------------- If you are indeed a UK clinic you have just added even for fuel to the ragging fire don't you think
  23. All these complaints must be making it up hey! How can they come forward and give you their names for you to expose them publically which i'm sure you would do as well! The sooner you are banned from here the better. Isherwood, since you dare raise your head here please feel free to join the more prolific forums and respond there to a few posts made about your clinic - maybe they are all wrong: I would post there if i were you about these false claims as 1000's of guys are reading those posts a aday and have been for yrs. Thankfully this will have saved 1000's but unfortunately some guys will slip through the net and get to you If you are actually serious then post on these forums with evidence from your clinic and the work it is performing!!!!!! Question to you, can ALL these complaints be false????? HLH HTN
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