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  1. Congrats, get some rest when you can
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    Up to his old tricks again
  3. I have not posted for some time and don't really intend to much either as my life has turned a huge corner in more ways than one. Firstly though i want to thank everyone here on this forum inparticular for all the incredible help and advice they have all contributed which allowed me to make a very educated and informed decision to have my surgery with the well know Dr Feller. I have researched hair transplants for a few years now and had the opportunity to meet with various patients and Doctors and all i can say is that my reseacrh has proved invaluable and if my research can help anyone at all i am glad. I had a 2800+ graft session with Dr Feller into my front area / hairline and the healing is going very well. I will check in from time to time and will share pictures when i have something to show. All the best to everyone on your journey whichever direction it takes you Jim
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    Rogain Foam

    I tried it for a while but decided to stop as it did irritate my scalp
  5. Welcome to the forum. Your case is somewhat interesting to say the least. 4 surgeries and what appears to be not a great result from them. You mention that you were limited to grafts but harvested 1800 grafts. Had a lot of grafts been wasted from previous surgery as there only appears to be max 2000 grafts on the top of your head in total, were you completely bald pre any surgery? Ignoring your H******* ***** surgery, how many grafts did roger transplant from the surgeries with him?? Were your 3 sessions with Rogers all strip or were some FUE as this might cast some light on your results. Also how many scars were there from your previous surgeries and how much of the scaring did Feller remove? You appear to have very limited growth from 3 surgeries, but refer to Rogers as the best in the UK I find this comment interesting Have you thought that its not about the slickness of the offices but actual results and the skill of the surgeon Rogers slick offices don't seem to have got you slick results even after 3 attempts. I think any newbie reading this need be aware slick offices count for nothing. I heard Bosley and MHR have some amazing offices...... May I ask why after your sessions with Rogers and his "slick" offices that you didn't go back to him for a 4 th session?? No offense but i think your results CLEARLY hightlight the FACT Feller is in a different leauge. Your results are one of the very few Rogers results around on the forums and if you persoanlly feel happy with the work thats was performed i think its safe to say this is a good reflextion of the work Rogers is performing. Question is if Feller had perfomed 3 sessions on you instead of Rogers do you think the result would have been different......... All the best with your recent HT! A shame Feller didn't have more grafts to use
  6. It looks very natural but a little thin. You have certainly got the coverage though. Hit it with a second pass of similar size in 6 months and you are done! Noone gets 1 HT, even the guys who get megga megga sessions go back to refine and bulk up. A good result considering the extent of your baldness pre op (cue ball bald!)You have a solid platform to work from now and as Feller mentioned the next pass will increase the overall look x3
  7. No need to travel all the way over to US to see Feller as you can consult with Spex here in the UK. www.hair-help.co.uk
  8. Nothing can be said here that hasn't been said many times. Your best appraoch from here is do some more research to get more information. Do not limit yourself to travelling in order to get the best. Run a search on rogers and patient pictures etc to obtian if he is the right surgeon for you. All the best.
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    Hats Off!

    Great to hear, the confidence will only build for sure now
  10. If you join this forum you can easily contact him as he is the owner of it http://hair-restoration-info.com/eve Farjo or any UK clinic would not meet the high standards required to be a coalition member, maybe a recommended surgeon on the directory as he will pay for that ; but coalition status I don't think so. http://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/coali...-physicians.asp There is a certain criteria :- This online community was begun by a hair transplant patient (click here to view his story) to help other hair loss sufferers share information and find physicians who provide safe and natural hair restoration results. Along with visiting clinics and viewing actual surgeries, hundreds of hair restoration patients have contributed their experiences and advice over the past several years to determine which physicians are recommended on this site. Each physician recommended on this site has been carefully reviewed based on the following criteria: A demonstrated proficiency and commitment to performing follicular unit transplantation. Dedication to doing state of the art hair transplantation exclusively or at least as the main specialty of the clinic. Excellent patient results demonstrating a high level of artistry,and naturalness throughout, as well as excellent growth rates. Reputation of the physician amongst colleagues and former patients. Length of time the physician has been performing hair transplantation. Medical training, depth of background, board certifications, honors, credentials, lectures, and published articles and books. Value - as determined by quality and pricing taken together. Members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physician are required to meet the following additional criteria: A demonstrated capability to successfully perform large sessions of ultra refined follicular unit grafting using tiny incisions and grafts that are microscopically prepared. The ability to dense pack tiny follicular unit grafts in a given area when appropriate. Mastery and control of the orientation and direction of the transplanted grafts to achieve a completely natural appearance. Coalition members are carefully reviewed and granted membership based strictly on their high level of integrity, skill, experience and ability to perform ultra refined follicular unit transplantation. Coalition Physicians perform Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting While many surgeons now perform follicular unit grafting, only a minority have risen to the challenge of using very tiny incisions and grafts to achieve ultra refined results. Such ultra refined follicular unit grafting, while very demanding on the physician and staff, enables patients to achieve cosmetic density in one pass as well as rapid healing." As you and other knowledgable patients know, the standards for the ultimate patient friendly hair transplant surgery have shifted higher in recent years. Today clinics on the cutting edge (forgive the pun) should idealy be making very tiny incisions that enable them to dense pack grafts when appropriate for a patient. They should also have the staff and skill to preform large sessions when appropriate for the patient. In this community this relatively new and patient friendly procedure is described as "Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation". Only those physicians who have mastered follicular unit grafting and stepped up to the challenge of performing Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation with excellent results are eligable for membership in the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.
  11. Wow i just saw your pre op pictures on this link http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=1761&hl= You are growing well so early on!!!!! You should add a pre op next to those pics to see the clear difference!
  12. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks really good!
  13. Very encouraging Well done so far as you appear to be off to an early start!
  14. Nice clean job! This guy looks like Rob Lowe
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