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  1. Hi guy’s long time reader and I have posted previous posts under a different sign in name I forgot my password so I setup this one, Before I start may I say what a fantastic site giving hope to many people and providing many great results with meds and hair transplants this site as taught me that there is optimism for my hair that I can accomplish a full head of hair and prevent mpb. Any ways Im a male in my early twenties I have noticed that over the last year and half my hair has began to change I have good coverage but it is thinning at the front and a little at the crown. So i started proscar from dr Ashcroft at the start of October I divide into four parts of each table and began to take a quarter on a daily basis , the first two months I found the treatment was taking effect my hair was growing faster and a little more thickness was noticeable. But by March and April my hair has got a lot thinner again “April being the 6th month in use of proscare”. Also how can I over come this? Is this a sign of shedding? Should I up the dosage and cut the tabulates into half’s and take on a daily basis? I also shower every day and use L’Oreal’s thickening shampoo for men I found the results great at first by now I feel it may be acting as just another shampoo ? Should I stop using it daily and try something else or keep at it ? I can tell the meds have had a effect as my back and sides are very thick as my barber told me two weeks ago, just wondering if there is ne thing to increase thickness on top e.g front mid crown? I wonder if I could have some help on what more can I do ? Should I put msm into my treatment? I see that boots has a hair loss treatment available what exactly is that? Does it work or is it also a sham? What about that treatment ex Footballer Lee Sharpe promoters is that also a sham? I know in the coming years I am going to save for a hair transplant with dr feller any one got nay ideas on how much it would cost then to replace/insert on thing hair on top ? Thanks for reading this and I hope some of you great people can help me John
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