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  1. Scar looks great stevo - only looks like a step in the hair. Did you have any shockloss and has scar stretched?
  2. Not sure if anyone has seen the front cover of the Radio Times this week but well worth a look (I;ve attached a pic though the mag is a much better pic as it's bigger). On the magazine his recipient area is still quite pink, but I bet nearly everyone won't recognise (the Radio Times sells over 1m copies per week) His HT looks really good.
  3. I just used head and shoulders as i always have done
  4. Just to echo what stevo has said, yes I took MSM from day 2. I just slept on my side as it was too painful sleeping on my back with the staples in.
  5. Great news Spex I'll definitely be there. Should be 5/6months post op by then so will be excited to see what the Doc says will be my best next steps.
  6. Good luck for today Avid, I'm sure you will be fine
  7. Can I use the witch hazel now? - 5 days out?
  8. Thanks for all the comments guys. Appreciate it. Yes, I'm sure it will make it easier next time as I will be able to grow out the front which won't be shaved, bit like your second one spursman. Martin1 - taken those comments especially on board. Many thanks 5 days out now, and I've been keeping the recipient nice and clean - only got 1 small scab and all grafts are still there and I guess fully secure by now. Going to start attempting to reduce the redness with some aloe vera gel which I have. Looking forward to taking the staples out next week as it's bit difficult sleeping on my back at the mo! Can't wait til I get a haircut as well - look like Krusty the Clown!!
  9. Great write up bm-g I think the hairline looks great and to get the crown done as well - superb. I had just over 3000, but all mine went into the front third, so looks like HT2 will have to sort my crown like yours. I haven't had any swelling - yet (3 days out now)... I just slept upright first night and on plane home.
  10. Hi beardyweirdy - yes I saw him. He must be roughly 12months out now I think. I remember him being interviewed by Sky Sports News for the FA Cup final last year - he is a passionate Man U fan, and the interview was in his flat in low level lighting but you could clearly see the new hairline then. I reckon he could have only been 1-2 months out then. Looks good I think. He has a thick crown I think, and the Ht looks good on him.
  11. you can see in this photo compare with about 2 years ago how Dr Feller has rebuilt my hairline
  12. Hi I flew out on Friday night to JFK from Heathrow and checked into my Manhattan hotel round about midnight. Spent the next 2 days seeing some sights and doing my shopping (Nintendo DS Lites $135 - that's about half the price back home and got a ipod 80gb classic for about £120!). Sunday night I went up to Penn Station and got the Long Island Rail Road out to Great Neck (just $6 one way). 30 minutes later I was at Great Neck, and the Andrew Hotel was just outside the train station. Checked in and then walked to Fellers to get an idea of how long it would take (about 20 minutes). So on the Monday morning, I awoke very early (5ish!) and left the Andrew at about 6.50am to make sure I would be there on time! Obviously was there really early, but I didn't mind. A man walked in at about 7.30 and after a second check I realised it was the man himself. We got the lift up to the 2nd floor and he had already put me at ease by the time we reached his office. Now this is the bit where I just screwed things up! 10 minutes later we sat in his office and he asked me what I wanted. I said that I had extensive hairloss already but that I had coverage. I said that it was highly likely that my coverage would go sooner rather later - he agreed 100%. I mentioned a couple of forum regulars - stevo and spursman and said I was after something similar - a two stop strategy with the first one that day focusing on the front third and the second one reducing my crown. I said that due to my loss I wasn't sure whether two HT's would get my coverage (albeit thin over my very thin crown). Fast forward 12 hours and I look in detail for the first time at my HT#1 - did I say front third to the Dr Feller - like stevo and spursman. You bet I did, but hang on I thought stevo and spursman did the front half. Panic set in, my HT strategy was/is in tatters and all because my communication was poor/confused. Feller did exactly what was asked and has done a magnificent job as you will see. Tip#1 make sure you know EXACTLY wha you want and make sure you communicate it correctly. Let's rewind those 12 hours again. Back in Fellers office. I commented I had a massively off set hairline, and I produced a few photos of my hairline from our the years. He agreed and said he was indeed hugely offset and also that my skull bulged in corner where my hairline was more receded making it look worse. He proceded to start drawing a new straight hairline. He seemed to be getting a real kick out of drawing the hairline, and indeed then said as much. He was really excited with the new hairline. He then buzzed my front half, and started drawing grids for the grafts. I stressed I wanted to hairs to go back as far as possible and he said everyone says that and would do what he could. The next bit - the needle! I was moved into another room, laid face down and then the injections in the back of the head where the strip would be taken. As mentioned just like wasp stings the first round, and I didn't feel the second round. Then into the room, sat in the chair and the strip was taken. Dr Feller said I had good laxity (little tight in a couple of areas, so will have to work on the exercises for HT2) and a good donor which was really pleasing He cut three separate strips, and then stapled me up. Then he put a few injections in my hairline and started on the slits for the grafts. He put 3200 slits in and said he stopped counting the grafts after 3000, so I have 3000-3200 grafts in total. The assistants said the grafts were largely a 50/50 split between 1's and 2's with a handful of 3's. All the 1's were put in the hairline (I had 900 in the hairline) and then the 2's were used to hammer into the front third. The assistants were great - they were the ones who put all the grafts in. They said I had the most fantastic skin to work with and as such they finished miles ahead of when they were expecting to. I was in the chair from pretty much 9am through to about 1.15pm, I had some lunch which they had ordered for me from the deli, had a look in a mirror for the first time to see what they had done so far and was most impressed. It was only then I was told that was it. 3000+ grafts in just over 4 years - they had worked very quickly and very professionally. I also had a couple of people who had come in for consultations come in, and Dr Feller was clearly really excited about my expected result to show me off. The assistants also said it looked superb I had some more photos taken, got my prescription and then had to pay another $1400 as I had only paid for 2500 grafts so moved comofrtably into the next band. That was a bit of a gutter, but he had thrown in up to 200 more grafts. My parting words with Dr Feller were could I have a similar procedure in say a year from now. He said yes providing I did the exercises and said anytime from 8 months would be ok. He said "Consider your front third done!". Nice to hear. Marcia was going to order me a taxi, but I felt absolutely fine and I ended up slowly walking back to the Andrew which was what I wanted - I needed some fresh air. Back to the Andrew by 2pm I then chilled for the next for hours, but first looked at the HT for the first time in real detail. I didn't get much of a chance in the room, and looked in a mirror at 1pm whilst eating my lunch. I actually thought at the time we were breaking for lunch and then the assistants would be putting more grafts in behind to go towards my crown. So despite an amazing job done, I was a little disappointed as I screwed up big style in saying exactly what I wanted. If I had said I wanted the front half done the grafts could have been distributed that way. I actually thought the front third went to the base of the crown, the crown was your mid section and the back third was at the back of your head. Thought I had done my research 100% I was wrong. At about 3 I started gettting some increasing pain from my pain so took a Viocidin pill, took another at 5.30 (meant to take 1 every 4-6 hours but I needed another). I took a 3rd at 9pm and went out to the Chinese takeway just round the corner. Ate that and fell asleep watching some college basketball. Next thing I know it's 8am the following day with no pain at all! I flew home last night and to top it off got upgraded to club class and had a bed from the journey home Now my dilemma. Even though Dr Feller said my front third is done, and it most certainly is. It was absolutely hammered, so I guess/hope it's going to grow out pretty thick I have virtually nothing behind it and still an awful lot left to cover before even touching the crown. To even things out I might have to hammer the mid section with the second strip and leave it at that. I only planned on 2 HT's not least because of the cost. The second will have to be the last for quite some time, but I really really want some work on the crown. Get your communication strategy sorted - I screwed mine up big time..... Here's the only pic I have at the mo taken about an hour after I got back from Dr Fellers. He has done an outstanding job. The bald bit behind is my mid section, the crown is not shown but is pretty much shot. Spex - I think the Dr will be sending my pics to you. Feel free to publish though blank out my face
  13. Just got back I'll document my experience on a separate thread, but quick note to say that I got 3000+ in the front third. Looks a great piece of work.
  14. Ok, this will be my last post until I return next week from Dr Fellers. It's been a long road from researching at the beginning. I had a consult with Dr Rogers and was very close to having a HT done there. But after finding this forum amongst others I decided on Dr Feller. Flying out tomorrow to JFK arriving late night. Got 2 days in Manhattan at the weekend as I will be looking to buy a DS Lite and some clothes Sunday afternoon will be getting Long Island Rail Road over to Great Neck and staying in the Andrew. Monday is D-Day and I fly home late on Tuesday. I think I'm all set. Hotels booked, blood work done, all paid for, got the button up shirts, cap, travel pillow. When back I've got the aloe vera gel, emu oil, nanogen (for work) and distilled witch hazel. 20 days booked off work when I return so I'm hoping to get away with it Just got to remember my passport now Special thanks to everyone who has answered any query that I have had over the last 18 months. I can't list everyone but s.a.f., MR T, spursman and stevo stand out. Also a special thanks to spex who has answered every question I have had on email really quickly. I'm planning on taking as many pics as possible especially on the travel side (Manhattan to Great Neck etc), and the walk to Dr Fellers. I'll post them late next week
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