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  1. Moderator, I commend you for running an open minded forum. I decided to share the information I gathered about Europe on this forum because of your site's European base and it's willingness to be open to all useful information. Unfortunately this is not true of all forums. HLH has long banned any exchange of information between our forums. I do agree that many clinics and their patients are virtual no shows online. I know that sometimes clinics that do outstanding work in North America some times also have virtually no online forum "buzz", while other clinics get all the attention. I find it is hard to cultivate an even playing field on our forum when some clinics have paid online representatives, while others do not. As you know, some clinics have given incentives to some of their patients to promote them. In my opinion, when such covert marketing is not rooted out it can damage the credibility of a forum. I think this is an issue that plagues all hair restoration forums. I was really thinking of PB in particular when I commented that those promoting themselves as patient advocates need to see beyond who they are promoting. PB seems to reject all information and or people that don't support his pre-existing bias and agenda. But this is probably obvious to most intelligent observers. As for PB's false accusation that our forum is not open, let me make clear that while only physicians who meet high standards and deliver consistent results are recommended on the Hair Transplant Network, our forum is open to all patients and physicians who respect our forum rules. I've just added the highlights from my recent visits to leading clinics in Ontario, Canada. Since some of the members of this forum have been traveling to Canada for their surgeries they may find this of interest. Best wishes, Pat P.S. The Farjos are not currently members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. However, they are being considered for membership. I welcome any input from actual patients of theirs - especially recent patients who have done ultra refined follicular unit grafting with them.
  2. To clarify, I do not currently recommend Dr. Rogers or the Prohair Clinic in Beligium. I simply took the time to visit these clinics so I could share my observations online. My full report, including photos, is posted on the Hair Transplant Network forum. This report did point out issues that I thought both Dr. Rogers and Dr. Stevenson needed to improve upon before they merited recommendation. I will say that both Dr. Rogers and Dr. Stevenson impressed me as being ethical and interested in improving their techniques and procedures. I suspect that in time they will make such improvements, in part to be able to be competitive online. I certainly believe in first hand patient accounts. That's really what our hair transplant community is all about - patients, including me and hundreds of others, sharing ideas on our forum and patient blogs and ultimately determining which physicians are chosen to be recommended. But I think it's important that patients not get too fixated on their particular physician. I had great life changing results with my physician. But after having visited dozens of leading clinics around the world I know that there is no one best hair transplant surgeon but rather a few dozen excellent ones. I hope that those who take on the public roll of forum moderators and patient advocates make a commitment to being open minded and fair rather than to any one particular physician. Best wishes, Pat P.S. I do want to make it clear that as stated on our website the physicians who are recommended on our site after a careful review process do pay a monthly sponsorship fee to support our community.
  3. I appreciate this forums willingness to share information between our forum/sites. We all share a common interest in using open forums to keep physicians, webmasters and forum moderators accountable. I can understand why a patient who has been through the mill would go to a top doctor like Dr. Feller who has many patients who have vouched for him and his work online. No one wants to gamble with their limited donor bank, especially after already suffering disappointing past surgeries. I think the few European clinics that do quality work need to do a much better job of sharing their results online, especially on this forum. Too often on our Hair Transplant Network forum, a few clinics have dominated the discussions, while clinics doing work that is the same quality are rarely discussed. To even the playing field, I try to encourage patients of all clinics to present their experience - the good, the bad and the ugly. But some clinics are simply more Web savvy and or have employees dedicated to cultivating their reputation online. I think potential patients benefit from seeing and hearing more patient accounts from multiple clinics. SAF, I would absolutely go to any of the clinics I recommend in Europe. I genuinely believe that they are on pare with the very best in North America. However, like North America, the majority of work being done by most hair transplant clinics isn't really worth getting even for free. It's amazing that a world prominent country like the UK has so few credible options for hair transplant clinics. But I do think that patients in the UK and Europe don't have to fly the pond to get world class hair transplantation, if they choose the clinic carefully. Best wishes for regrowing your hair to all members of this forum. Pat
  4. Since this hair transplant forum focuses on physicians in the UK in particular, I thought members could benefit from what I learned in visiting leading hair transplant clinics in the UK and Northern Europe this past Spring. I know many members of this forum are painfully aware of the very poor track record that UK clinics in particular have. Many hair loss sufferers in the UK have felt compelled to fly over the pond to do surgery with Dr. Alan Feller and other top physicians. I have had the privelage of visiting Dr. Feller's clinic and many other leading North American clinics as the publisher of the Hair Transplant Network. To see the highlights from my recent visit to Dr. Feller's world class clinic and other leading clinics in North America, click here. However, based on my research and in person visits, I believe that there are a handful of hair transplant clinics in Europe who are on pare with the very best clinics in North America. Prior to my trip to Europe I did research on hair transplant clinics throughout Europe. Many clinics were immediately scratched off the list of clinics worth considering or visiting based on their use of outdated techniques and poor patient results. Over the past ten years, as the publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, I have had the benefit of corresponding with many European patients who shared their experiences. These first hand accounts were valuable in identifying those clinics who provided consistently good, bad or mediocre results. Based on what I've come to know, I chose to visit the following clinics which I thought looked most promising in Europe: Dr. Jean DeVroye – Brussels, Belgium Dr. Bijan Feriduni – Hasselt, Belgium Pro Hair Clinic in Belgium Note – Dr. Bisanga, with the BHR clinic in Brussels, looked impressive. However, he was in the USA during my visit and thus not available to let me observe his surgery. Farjo Medical Centre in Manchester, England (Physicians Drs. Bessam and Nilofer Farjo) Rogers clinic in London (physicians – Dr. Rogers and Dr. Stevenson) To view the highlights and photos from my visits to these clinics I invite visitors to view the forum topic - Tour of Leading Clinics in Europe. I hope that the moderator of this forum finds this link to be acceptable in the interest of patient education, just as I have linked to this forum as a resource to our visitors. I'd be happy to answer any questions that the members of this forum may have. My email is pat@hairtransplantnetwork.com Best wishes for restoring your hair, Pat Hennessey
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