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  1. Hi Simon Thanks for letting me know. Hi PB When I used the word ‘new’ it was in a relative context for the site www.hair.help.co.uk. Although this site may not acctually be new, I don’t think it existed last time I met Spex. I apologise if my assumption is incorrect. I hope this clarifies things for you. Thanks Matt
  2. Hi Spex Hope life is treating you well. I have a couple of questions if you would be kind enough to answer. First I’m curious; I think I remember reading somewhere that you take a day-off from supplements once a week (fin and sun respectively). I was wondering if I remembered correctly. Secondly, are you likely to be in the Yorkshire area anytime over the next few months? If so would it be possible to meet up again? I really like to have another look at Dr Fellers' Fue work. Many thanks Matt PS. I like your 'new' website.
  3. Hi all Although it might be depressing, individuals who care about hair loss (which clearly anyone that is reading this site does) need to be cynics. The reason for this is that there are so many people/companies who have and will continue to utilize individual’s insecurities about hair, to make vast amounts of money. THIS IS A FACT. As a result I would advise anyone to be very skeptical amount information they read / see on TV / or are told in a 'hair loss clinic' - a lot of it is crap, especially in the UK. Personally after 3 years of exploring how to reduce/treat my hair loss, which has taken me to companies such as *********, norton clinic and advanced hair studio, I have become the worlds biggest hair loss cynic. I really find it hard to believe anything anyone tells me when it comes to maintaining/restoring my hair. However after finding this forum and others like it, there is one person that I honestly would like to thank (Spex). I have read the majority of his past postings and have found them to be balanced an accurate - based on what I now know about maintaining/restoring hair. I have also met the guy for drink and in my opinion despite his relationship to Dr Feller (as a showcase for Hair Transplants), he is a genuine guy who only wants to ensure individuals don’t make the same mistakes (both financial and emotional) as he and countless others such as myself have made. Being the biggest hair loss cynic, I must admit I don't fully understand his altruistic nature of taking time to speak to hair loss sufferers (not to mention replying to postings). All I can say is that if you speak to him, you will learn Spex is clearly proud of his hair (as he should be), enjoys meeting people and gets a certain satisfaction in ensuring individuals are well educated on hair loss. Spex you have my respect and gratitude Matt
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