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  1. Hi, As the title says, a couple of quick Dut questions that hopefully people can answer. Right now I'm thinking of changing to Dut as I have been on Proscar for 6 months and I am still experiencing hair loss in temples and front. Is six months enough time to guage the effect that finasteride will have for me or should I wait for a longer period? Assuming I change, is there any real difference between the branded Avodart and the generic Dutraside?(I found a couple of threads but no conclusive answer). What is the appropriate amount of dosage of the drug to use each week? (are the 0.5mg pills for each day for Prostate patients or suitable with those trying to prevent hair loss?). Thanks for any responses
  2. Medicine would be a lot simpler all round if it was a case of everything always working! Finasteride (proscar) doesn't seem to be working for me either as I'm still losing hair after 6 months. Just quit minoxidil after 9 months with no results at all (its all frontal loss at the moment so not too suprised there). If you're just trying to maintain current hair not sure if you should bother with the minoxdil. If the proscar doesn't work I'm thinking about switching to Dutasteride. Maybe try that if things don't improve.
  3. Do you guys only use the Xandrox or do you mix with the usual 5% minoxidil (e.g. one application of each per day)? Thanks for the input, keep us informed of any progress
  4. Hi all, I've seen some good reviews for this product on varies websites and so was wondering if anyone is using this product. If so, what areas do they appply it to and what results have they got? Have they noticed any significant difference compared to the standard 5% minoixdil? Lastly if they have got a good result from the product, where is the cheapest place they've found for it (I assume I'm right in believing that a prescription is not required). Thanks
  5. Where did you find the cheapest price for Xandrox15 brioni?
  6. Hmm, true. There does seem to be a habit of "Cheer!" added to the end of eithers posts... .
  7. Shopen recommended the cream for frontal loss in the thread I started. How long have you been using it Lance and what effects have you seen? Are you using any of the big three along with it? Where is the cheapest place to buy it if effects are good.
  8. Thanks for the response guys. Shopen - Have you heard of many success stories from the naturalis cream? I haven't heard much about the cream (unlike the big three) and wondered how effective it is Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum and wanted to ask some questions about drug treatment. I'm 25 and have quite a large amount of recession of the temples/front of the head which started receding at early 20's . In hindsight I should have started drug treatment a lot earlier but have only recently started using the big 3 (propecia and minoixdil for the last 3 months and Nizoral for the last month after reading topics on the forum). My question is what can I realistically expect from the treatment, especially for the temple recession which I gather is the hardest area to treat? Am I likely to see any regrowth in these areas 6/12/more months down the line or is the best I can expect is to not lose much more? If so is 25 an appropriate age to consider a hair transplant when the hair loss is stablished or far too early? Does anyone have a surgeon they recommend in the UK and what kind of cost I would expect to pay for such treatments Apologies if some of this has been answered but I couldn't really find much in the forums. Thanks for any advice
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