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  1. I went recently to get my hair cut, 4 months post op so needed one badly. Drove to this small place with one barber, sat down and just told him to give a grade 5 on the sides. He didn't say anything about the scar...Although he was pretty old and had what looked like a really bad Elvis like wig, maybe just a bad haircut, anyway, You can see the scar if you are looking for it, but it's still pinkish and I expect I'll be able to get away with a grade 4 at the least when it turns white. If any hair dresser ever asks i'll just say 'Long Story' and leave it at that
  2. Your GP will do them for free...
  3. Looks like his donor's pretty good.
  4. http://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/....asp?WebID=1094 Hey yo, added some month 3 photos, obviously a long way still to go, but all good in the hood!
  5. Would beard hair look better do you think? Would have thought that would more closely match eyebrow hair, or is a lot more temperamental in terms of transplanting? And, does hair change it's characteristics, or does it stay the same no matter where it's moved to? The thing I always think about eyebrow transplants is won't that dude have to trim his eyebrows every couple of months? I think it looks a little thin at the moment, but i'm sure it will look thicker after the next procedure.
  6. Aye, the waiting is definitely the hardest part, not the injections after all. At 5 weeks now, 6 weeks on Monday and i've started driving myself mad looking in the mirror straining my eyes. I hope i'm an early grower just for my mental health! With that said, i'm not that bad, and will stop looking in the mirror, problem is everyone has come out of the woodwork lately wanting to meet up for drinks, friends, old friends, ex girlfriend, uni mates "Oh i've got tickets to ....." etc etc... Bloody typical! Not seen some of them for years and the time they want to meet up I look i've had a fight with a lawn mower. Your H/T looks awesome BTW, definite case of hair greed
  7. My hair has grown longer now and all though initially I was yo-yoing about shock loss, I do have it in my recipient area, more on the right side... Saying that though, I also have noticed small hairs popping through, new regrowth already. I'm sure of it, even though i'm on 5 weeks, as there was previously no hair there, so it can't be native hair that was shocked or coming out of the sleeping phase. Only about 3 hairs right in front of my hairline, so nothing to get too excite about, I know there is still ages to go yet. Won't look normal again till month 2.5 maybe month 3! I can't shave my hair all the same length yet without exposing my donor scar. No problem for me though as I wear a hat to work, damn sick of wearing it though! I'm taking it a month at a time, but so far, so good.
  8. Ha, nice. You conveyed the drama of the staple removal very well. Women
  9. 3 weeks gone now, grafts are falling! i'll update on 1 month
  10. Still no problems with Revita
  11. Hey Adam! Looks like you have lost most of the grafts now, but very quick healing, i'm the same, surprised by the lack of redness. It is there, but no where near as bad as I thought. Stay safe
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