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  1. Looks to be a good one in the making. Nice fast healing do far.
  2. Big difference for 6 months. You must be a fast grower hey?
  3. Hi mate, sorry i missed this topic. You look like you had a great job done. Well done How are you healing up?
  4. Welcome richie's buddy Are you going to keep updating for this guy richie as will be interesting to see what the result turns out like. I would have thought 3000+ would have been more appropriate..
  5. You look right where you should be, as lee said be patient as its tough
  6. At 7 months he has a good way to go. Will be a nice result without a doubt
  7. Looking really good Pete You planning more ?
  8. Well done you look brilliant. How is your brothers going?
  9. Hi everyone and thanks. I am really happy with it and although it looks a lot better in real life i wanted to take some very close pictures to see for myself what it looked like close up and wanted to share. Appreciate the comments. Pb, never say never but no plans at this time as lot on with work and my girlfriend
  10. Been a while since i have updated so finally got round to getting the camera out . Comments always welcomeB)
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