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  1. Worth mentioning that (at least) one of the Alpecin shampoos (Alpecin Active Shampoo Against Dandruff A3 - available from linked site) also has piroctone olamine in it which has received some attention recently - list of ingredients for the shampoo can be found by clicking the relevant link on this page.
  2. I've got to upgrade my own forums (my host's latest php upgrade made it seems like they are in a timeloop ) so I'll have a look around for any hacks that you may find helpful, though to be honest, I rarely go further than http://www.invisionize.com/ - my own hacks are rarely more than very minor modifications.
  3. Thanks for the forums, buurt.. ..is there any chance of providing a place for people to put their regimens and progress - like the 'My Website' section on HLH or the 'Tell Your Story' bit on HLT - the former could probably be done with a IB hack, whilst the latter is just another forum..
  4. There are several issues here! India has a reputation for making generic drugs not fake drugs - I am sure that lots of countries (including the US and UK) have people producing fake drugs in them..and, to be honest, with regards to finasteride, I'd be more concerned that my branded Proscar/Propecia is fake than my generic Fincar/Finpecia is - simply because of the profitability factor - the cheapest I have seen Proscar is £39 ( Edited - No links allowed to prescition drug sites ) whilst the cheapest I have seen Fincar is £17. It's the resellers who are the concern with regards to fake drugs and hence why it's important to mention where you buy your finasteride from. I buy my Finpecia from ( Edited - No links allowed to prescition drug sites ) and I'd do the same if I got Fincar, whilst the cheapest Proscar seems to be ( Edited - No links allowed to prescition drug sites ) - which has been mentioned a few times on HLT and HLH as reputable. I've seen ( Edited - No links allowed to prescition drug sites ) mentioned a few times as well. Obviously if you can afford to get branded Propecia from your local chemist then that would be the best, but at £32 (from Asda) for 28, its expensive! Whether generic drugs are as good as branded drugs is a moot point - Indian laws state that their manufacturing companies (such as Cipla) can produce patented drugs as long as the manufacturing process is different - good news price-wise, but people do get concerned about whether the finasteride in Cipla stuff is as good as the finasteride in Merck's pills, but the company's long (and good) reputation for produding generics and other people's reports are enough to convince me. I certainly don't consider the manufacturers country as a huge factor - Merck branded stuff is made in all sorts of places! I guess people just have to research it themselves and make their own mind up..
  5. Spex, Where did you hear that Fincar was 'hit and miss'? I take Finpecia (i.e. Cipla's 1mg version of Fincar) from ( Edited - No links to priscition drug sites allowed ) and I've certainly had effects from it (of the side variety ) and my next order was probably going to be Fincar as its so bloomin cheap, but I'd be interested in any info that suggests that it isn't proper finasteride. Oh and a vote for copper peptides!
  6. I use finpecia, which is the 1mg version of Fincar (i.e. the same stuff from Cipla) - can't really tell how much of a difference it makes with my regrowth, but I have a finasteride side-effect which would suggest that it's the same stuff. Having said that, after this 3 month pack is up, I'll be going to Proscar from ( Edited - No links to prescription drug sites ) as its nearly as cheap as the Finpecia.
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