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  1. Personally i shaved down as I wanted Feller to have all the flexibility he needed to perform the best job possible. Shaving down is essential to achieve the best possible result from a HT and provides the Dr the most flexibility. Its not about "giving in". Shaving down is only short term, it grows back!! That doesn't make sense mate ..... shaving down is short term for the procedure and allows a better job longer term, better results Feller and you obviously dictated the surgery around this issue though and i am sure the front where maybe you needed to be shaved down will be made better anyway regarless. How many grafts were placed in your front right hand side by Feller? Guys Guys...I posted this over the weekend, and already quite a response...If I can help answer a few of your questions...The surgery began 5 years ago, I did quite a bit of research, but desperation breeds snap decisions. Don't foget, back then, no internet, & only poor adverts in the back of the Daily Mirror! They ahve all been strip. I accept that if I was beginning now, I can visit forums like this & make more 'educated & informed' decisions, & hopefully my post will add to the cause of others. All I know is, without firstly Rogers & more recently Feller, then I would be bald...perhaps 10K richer, but who knows. My donar area is actually quite thin, from day one, so each time I have visited for larger sessions, we have ended up with smaller results, as proven by my 1800 instead of 2000, when Dr F thought he had actually harvested over 2K! This time the front took around 500 & the rest in the crown. I also used around 500 at a previous Rogers session to 'Fix' part of the Wellesbourne scar. To defend Dr R, he has been good & considerate, and this has been supported by Dr F as hime being 'the best in the UK' though that may not say much, I do have extreme baldness & had a bad session at Wellesbourne, whihc needed fixing & no doubt wasted alont ****s! We can't all travel to the US & spend around £5K at once, so to those that can't, give Rogers a go, if you can (stick it on a 0% credit card) then go to Feller! Footnote...NO_ONE knew I had had it done & when i told my girlfrined of 2 years, she was amazed - the pics you see may look thin pre-surgery, but it is pretty good on a normal day, if thin on the crown - which may now be partially addressed, when it re-grows. 2nd Feller Session - yes, i am expecting to return within the year to finish the front & the lower crown...& perhaps, IF I can spare a few, finally fix the lower rear scar!
  2. Hi guys, well, here are some answers to some of your 'shaving down' questions + other pointers... I have had a few proceedures over recent years, since 2001 I have had 4, this was my 5th. 1st Dr Rogers at the then fairly (but not very) respectable Wellesbourne - I now recommend you AVOID the butchers of Wellesbourne. This went OK, then a year later, I returned for my 2nd to fill a receeding frontal area, but Dr Roger's was 'off sick' & I got a butcher, whose name I choose to forget....scar too low 'below the bump' as my recent cosmetrist (real word?) commented. Since then, I re-found Dr Rogers in Stratford - he is very good, and a great team, I am confident to say one of, if not THE best in the UK (also backed up by Dr Fellars positive comments.) 2 more by Rogers, doing top & 'peppering the crown'. Obviously we only have a limitied number of grafts, so I need to be careful. My front looked a little false, and was (confirmed by Dr Fellar) not straight, so needed filling slightly on the right. My priorities were 1) crown - I feel like I have a hole in the back of my trousers while it is so thin! 2) softening front. 3) scar tissue repair from previous proceedures. On arrival at Dr Fellars, (early in the am...I stayed at The Andrew, well recommended, as are the breakfasts around the corner, ask Lionel the concierge), we debated my needs, his concerns and limitations. We agreed on filling as much in the crown as we could, and then tidying the front. The team are great, all very relaxed, and good humoured. Though the offces and op room are not as slick as Dr Rogers, they are very professional, and the relaxed approach suits the man. The op went well, the DVD choice was good (Forest Gump for me) - I recommend you perhaps take your own, or maybe listen to your iPod...you may need to check 1st. We aimed for 2000 grafts, but sadly as Dr F opted to also try & fix one of my scars, we were 200 short...these were the ones I wanted to soften the join between my implants & original side hair by my temples...I tried to persuade him to use some from the crown ones we had not yet used to do this important area, but was over-ruled - he knows best, and it is him who has to do the job! Post op was fine, a night in with a (mild) Thai meal from the Ginger Tree at the shopping mall opposite (they deliver free which is handy if you dont want to go out, which you won't). By the day after I was out, & shopping in a hat. Shaving Down ...this was a MUST to avoid for me, & I made it clear from the start. I cannot hide it as I am self employed, & no luxury of 4 weeks off...so, reluctantly, Dr F compromised, and I agreed he could shave the crown (which is now growing after 4 weeks) & not the front. Though the job may be compromised, I agreed to go ahead. I have seen others shaved down, and they are impressive, but I ave not got to this stage, and invested almost £10K over recent years to 'give in' & shave - If I was able to come to terms with that, then I might as well have never had any proceedures done & just buzzed for life - worth considering if you still have the option! 4 Weeks in ...as mentioned, original crown growing back, implanrts shedded and all scars healing well...I use Aloe Vera gel. Also took MSN prior, as recommended by Spex (great bloke & font of all knowledge). Sadly, I will need another proceedure to soften the temples, & finish the lower crown & scars. I need to be carful to keep some 'spare' incase the sides drop further, a 'follicle island' on top is not what I want AT ALL! TIPS ...stop taking all medication at least a week before op...travel a day or so before, so you can find your barings in Great Neck...don't foget to go into the main town, lots of shops & restaurants, as well as the Mall in the other direction opposite the hotel ...find out about the train times to NYC...very regular & only around $10 return...taxi from JFK, fix the price, I had read on the forum it is $45 to hotel so I argued, but he showed me in his official book it was $75 ($45 fixed to centre of NY). Take a map of where the hotel is...NY cabbies only just know where Manhattan is! Get food in from one of the supermarkets the day before so you have plenty in when you get back from op...If staying in The Andrew ask for DVD's day before (though my player was nt working)...also take your lap top, they have FREE wifi in all the rooms, so you can keep in touch with life, surf & e.mail! Need new medication..ask Dr F for a prescription, pills MUCH cheaper over there...EXTRA Tip...need a proper haircut? sympathetic to your needs, either pre, or post op, or if you have a piece, or bad implants...I recommend Shaun (great name) in Marleybone, London. www.shaunsofmarleybone.com or 0207487 5729...say i sent you! (he has private roooms downstairs & great mags!) He can really cover those scars, and 'balance' those locks, I have been going for 3 years, & travel 400 miles round trip to see him every month or so...! In General ...Dr Rogers is good, possibly best in UK, Dr Fellar appears better (though time will tell when these little guys start to grow), worth the trip especially with £/$ rates. Good luck & happy planting! PS..sorry about all the smelling mistakes, there is no smell check on this!
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