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  1. I've googled this and found a post on another forum in exactly the same style as lance's. http://www.alopeciaonline.org.uk/forum/for...sp?TID=603&PN=1 I'm rather suspicious now as i can't find anyone else recommending it.
  2. Without wishing to cause trouble - are shopen and lance the same person? Looking through all of their posts (both write in broken English), they all seem to be recommending this Naturalis Cream. It's making me question whether they have ulterior motives for recommending this product. Has anyone else tried it?
  3. Thanks for the advice, hairless. I'm keen to keep what i have left, which is still a reasonable amount, so meds seem to be the way forward. Should i visit my GP first? With regards to the Big 3, should i start with Propecia before Minox or move onto both? I see some people have had results on the temples with Naturalis recovery cream, so i'm insterested in trying that too.
  4. Hi, new to this site and forum. I'm 30 and have very slowly been receding on my temples since the age of about 18. Until now it hasn't really noticed due to having longish hair, but it seems to have accelerated this year and is getting to the point where something needs to be done. Ironically, a lot of people compliment my hair which compounds the problem. It's destroying all my confidence (of which there wasn't much to begin with), and whilst i'm tempted to bite the bullet and cut it off it will be a drastic change and i'm not sure if i can cope with attention that might bring. At the moment it almost feels like a dirty secret i've been hiding all these years. Weird huh? So i'm wondering where to start with hairloss treatments. I've combed (no pun intended) through the forum and i'm still a little confused with where to begin. Most treatments seem to be aimed more towards a thinning scalp and crown, whereas my problem is more the temples. What should my first step be? Thanks in adavance for any help. Edit: Perhaps i should note that there is no major hair loss on either side of my family, although my Dad reports he had an Uncle that was completely bald.
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