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  1. Best of luck! Best decision i ever made
  2. well done. I am really starting to take off now and very happy with the progress. Will get some pictures up soon. Just so busy.
  3. I cut mine recently down to grade 4 with no problems. The scar is still a little red but next time i plan to go to a 3# at least. I have no need to go any shorter. I never went shorter than a 6 before though
  4. Looks great Lucky, thank you for sharig the pictures Reall helps to see the progress of guys at the different stages especially when waiting in the doldrums
  5. mraussie

    Sad News

    Very sorry to hear this
  6. All the best with it haggis. I personally didn't warm to cole when i met him but each to their own. Paid for a 10 minute consultation I read on HLH something about poor scaring on a couple of his patients, any info?
  7. He mentioned to me when i was there that he has seen some terrible HT's performed in the UK. He says he is seeing more and more who have only just had their HT's done as well All the best scottfire, do lots of research and then you know your defo making the right decision
  8. STOPNORTON. This guy sound like he is on a mission. Good luck to him I hope he can ...
  9. Wow, big transformation and only 9 months Thanks for the picture!
  10. This will be a great hairline 100cm2 by Feller 100cm2
  11. mraussie


    I am now 3 weeks post op and still have most of the grafts. I know they will shed but did some of you guys hold on to any?
  12. wtf How do they get away with this BS
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