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  1. Ahmed i am just 19 i have had a similar problem for the last year. My hair is just slowly thinning mainly at the sides. my Doc thinks its stress of A levels and now Uni. he thinks I should see a counsellor. My family say I use heated straightners too much to spike up my hair. My scalp seems to itch a lot but the GP says he can't see anything and its not male patterned baldness. i saw a trichologist and she also said its not male pattern baldness I sympathise with the way you are feeling I am in a panic most times too. I am waiting to see a Dermatologist i hope they treat me a bit different. Do you use anything to style your hair and have you ever used heat directly onto it.
  2. Our teenage son is currently experiencing hair loss and general thinning on the sides and back of his head. for the last 18 months he has been using a set of heated straightners to spike his hair. His hair is only 50mm long at its longest and he seems to use them an awful lot. He does this himself and obviously seeing the side and back when he does it is difficult at the best of times. The timescales when the problem started coincides with the use of the straightners and we are sure that they can't be helping his situation, but he won't listen. We suggested to him that using them wasn't a good idea and that whilst he was going through this period of hair loss he shouldn't use anything with such extreme heat. He has become quite obsessed about achieving this spiked look and just won't listen. Can you offer any reassurance that he is ok to do this or if not could you reply advising him that he should be more careful. Are there any safety rules or guidelines he should be following.
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