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  1. anyone know when the regaine foam is out in the UK? its out in the US but i cant seem to find it on the sites of uk retailers.
  2. right i have got to the point where i am sick of regaine!. i am sick of having to wait 3 hours for it to dry when i apply it in the morning. I dont mind applying it at night time as the next morning it is dry but i hate the fact that 3 hours of my day is taken away as i cant go outside or even look at my parents. I want to know if applying it just once a day at night will be good enough? Also are there any stronger versions of minox which is decent and will be affective if i apply it once a day? something like 10% will make up for the missing application during the day. hope you guys can help cheers
  3. easy i saw summat quite f**ked up on the net about a commerical that the creators of propecia have brought out. There has been some serious outrage in order forums about it. Just take a look at it. www.thestunners.com At the bottom of the webpage it's shows the sponsers Merck & Co. I just want to know what you guys think? I am pretty confused at the moment with it because i dont see the point. I just want to know WHY WUD THEY DO THT?!
  4. i know why Zidane headbutted the italian he insulted him about his hair loss and to us hair loss suffers, its serious! lol well atleast Zidane can now take the Big 3 without worryin about failin a drugs test he he
  5. ARRRHHH!! i got my hair cut and now wen i apply regaine, you can see alot of my scalpe. you guys got any ideas on how to cover it up or make it dry quicker? please dont say Toppiks or summat coz my dad will go mental if he see's another hairloss product come through the mail.
  6. blah blah.......You can get started for less than $250. Believe me, it will be well worth it. There are numerous products out there, my friend. Many don't work at all and others work not so well, and some are definitely dangerous drugs. My regimen uses ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS, so you don't have to risk your health.... blah blah has anyone been getting flooded with sales messages in ya inbox? its getting on ma f**king nerves. smells like "ALL-NATURAL BULLSH...." to me.
  7. hey terry, i think u shud get on the big 3 asap now ur 18. i started it at late 18 and i kinda regret it coz i think i started it too late. how can u tell if ur hair loss is aggressive or not? anyone got any comments? it seems to have effected everyone in my family as i mentioned in a post before when i noticed it at a big family dinner. obviously most of them dont care coz they are all happily married. made me wonder tht maybe my hair loss is soo aggressive tht i got no chance in hell.
  8. arrrrh! my hair is too long and it needs a hair cut but im scared to cut it coz all the gaps will start to show. the longer my hair gets the thinner it seems to get so im f**ked boths ways. im on month 4 of regain and month 3 of propecia now. iv started to shed loads alot lately and my hair has started to look shitter lol. i also noticed loads of hairs at the front of my hair which are 4cm long and they hav no direction to them and are quite thin. they dont seem to grow in the direction of the rest of my hair and they are hard to part to the side. i dont know if they are newly grown hairs or my orginial hairs jus losing direction? wat do u guys think?
  9. in general. all of ma uncles hairloss and dad started between the ranges of 27-35ish. and for the ladies it was lately 30s and for my mum it started at late 40s. so the hair loss for guys started at a pretty normal stage.
  10. hey. i went to a recent family dinner and saw aunties i aint seen in ages. anyways i noticed that they were all suffering from regluar female baldness. uncles were all near enough norwood 7, my dad is a norwood 7 and my mum has a quite big bald spot the frontal area of her head. i was thinking that maybe this hairloss gene is so aggressive in my family that i am screwed and the big 3 will not work for me. by the way im on my last week on month 3 supply of propecia, any1 know any cheap places? i use UK medix but i noticed they are bumpin the price up slowly. i find it hard to order hair loss products to my house coz my parents just lecture me saying tht all this is bad, saying tht let nature take its course, etc. what they say messes wiv my hed, which jus adds to the depression from hair loss :-(.
  11. hey. wa eatin a cheese string today and it had an interesting fact on it, tht "in average lifetime, a human will grow 590 miles of hair" lol got me depressed coz hair loss reminders are now appearing on the food i eat!! you just cant escape the reminders, there is always sum reference to hair loss on tv shows, sports, etc. anyway anyone heard of scaple exercise or tried it? i wa speakin to a guy from hairlosshelp and sed tht massagin the scaple for 15mins a day losens it coz a tight scaple causes the follicals to shrink. i thought it was a load of BS, but jus wanted to know wat u guys thought of it. cheers
  12. yo. cheers for the advice. i wernt tryin to catch ya out chris, lol jus abit shakey at this time with my hairloss so i take every piece adivce or comment seriously.
  13. so chris, you think a HT is the only hope i got left now? i thought i was too young for an HT. cheers ahmed18(19)
  14. ey up chris. glad to hear tht the HT made things better and it all worked out. do you have any before and after pic's? hav u looked at the pic's above of my hair, wat do ya think? yeh im in a pretty shit place now with the hair loss, i dont see any light at the end of the tunnel just yet, but im keepin tht hope and i know tht i'm tryin to let it get to me totally as hard as it can be coz feelin totally depressed has a negative impact on the body. cheers for the advice
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