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  1. Was this female patient of child bearing age?? Yes, she's 32, good health, and thank god sensible......she just turned and walked.
  2. When it was first introduced the tablet had no outer coating and was just the "raw tablet", female pharmacist could not touch them because it can be absorbed through the skin. Generally now they have an outer coating, but care should still be taken. For woman it is a big no! It can cause abnormalities in the womb when a male child is concieved.
  3. Martha to Arthur, It would be funny if it was not so serious.
  4. I recently had a female patient who went to him for advise. She was given a blood test with no specific results given, a very vague “The results of your blood tests confirm the diagnosis I suspected when you came to see me. I think you are suffering from the female version of Male pattern Baldness.” Then she was incredibly advised to take Propecia or Dutasteride! Unbelievably bad advise...the sooner the better for the patients and the Industry.
  5. I don't believe that people are fundementally against the principle of BHFUE, let's face it, progress is good, as is debate therefore any posts are very helpful documenting facts. It has to be recognised that BH is still in it's infancy and because the number of patients treated is relatively low, and possibly from a small demographic/ethnic grouping, it is hard to be 100% objective. I would suggest that any large BH procedures should be proceeded by a small test procedure, maybe 200-500 grafts to evaluate the take up rate. This seems the most ethical way for the Clinic/Doctor to have the best interests of the patient.
  6. I don't believe that people are against the principle of BHFUE, but are sceptical about the potential growth rates, as not enough proof has been correctly documented about the results...therefore any posts are very helpful documenting facts. It has to be recognised that BH is still in it's infancy and because the number of patients treated is low, and probably in a small demographic *****, it is hard to be objective. I would suggest that any large BH procedures should be proceeded by a small test procedure, maybe 200-500 grafts to evaluate the take up rate. This seems the most ethical way for the Clinic/Doctor to have the best interests of the patient.
  7. For the record, generally with a small procedure we would probably recommend FUE, but if cost is a factor, which it invariably always is, our strip closure method will leave you with the minimum of a line. This was from a 3800 FU, four months after the procedure. This was one month after the procedure, 4500FU
  8. Good advice from spex, of course....it was only ever what ifs. Sorry PB_ It took approximately eleven hours, two doctors and seven technicians.
  9. I'll see what I can do re the pictures, I don't have them to hand I'm afraid, very possibly directly after but he is an overseas patient and four months was the first time we saw him after. This procedure took a day, 3800 FU Strip with Trico Closure.
  10. For the record, a Trico Closure four months after a 3800 FU procedure,
  11. For the record, a Trico Closure four months after a 3800 FU procedure,
  12. Thanks for just clearing up the "scar revision" point, probably not the best turn of phrase; and thanks for your comments. I certainly hope to become more regular, and hopefully with constructive advise opposed to talk for the sake of it.
  13. I'm suggesting a 2mm scar is bad, we were originally talking about placing hair in the scar line, hence scar revision. We're all diferent at the end of the day. Here's a 47 year old gentleman's scar line, he's about Class 5 hair loss and had 2300 Strip. I wish you all the best PB_ for fruitful growth in the future, I hope my comments helped.
  14. Certainly looks to be healing well, how long ago was your procedure? Please don't take this the wrong way, but possibly the angle could have been made a little less acute from the centre apex, but it may just be the angle of the picture, but obviously a good neat and created procedure. The reason I asked about density of FU (at the donor) is usually they average out to approx 2.2 per FU, so it seemed a little over the norm in terms of Strip size, but if your original density is lower and FU smaller, then it is what it is. I hope you're happy and it's growing well, of cause it probably is never enough...hair greed! I still have to say that FUE might be your best option for 1500 FU, hairline and small scar revision.
  15. PB_, Advice & opinion are free and forthcoming, the cost is another matter, can't contribute there. Not having seen the scalp it's all speculation, especially on a person whose already had work. I think it's fair to assume that if you went Strip 1500+ the amount you could then perform with FUE later may be negligable, especially as the back density is stronger than the sides and the Strip would predominatley come from the back. I have to say 1.5cm is on the high side for 2700 grafts, do you know your approximate density, 65-75 FU per sq.cm? and your FU groupings, mainly 1's 2's etc.?
  16. PB_ I would suggest with a 2mm line and another 2000+ you would be lucky to reduce the line significantly. If you are looking at 1500 there's no reson why the harvest area should be more than 1cm width, unless your density is low, although you have to take into consideration the aditional scar repair. For a relatively small procedure (1500) would you not consider FUE, it would expand your donor surface area, and you could then place in the existing scar; just a thought for discussion.
  17. 2mm isn't bad at all, but could be better. I would not rely on Trico closure making a big difference to your line, to my knowledge there is no documentation on closures of existing scar lines, only virgin scalps. If your laxity is still good it is reasonable to expect it to be somewhat better though. Well, the decision is yours in respect of rebuilding the temples more or the crown as and when, if you have only one more Strip left certainly don't waste the yield, how many FU do you think? Maybe ask yourself the question of what's more important to you, a more even density throughout or strength and definition to frame the face with relatively minor thinning on the crown.
  18. Personally, I would not suggest you place BH in your temples, and of course you don't want to run the risk of shock loss for something which is more experimental than necessary. What's the chances of you having a further Op in the future, and would it be FUE? If you were possibly having FUE later why not use a small amount of those FU, at least you know the growth rate will be high. Is the scar line bad or you're just waying up the options?
  19. Hi PB, There could be two ways to look at doing that; 1. Because the growth rate of BHFUE is much lower than scalp hair it may be worth placing in a 'clean'area of the scalp to give the hair the best chance of growth. That way you could place in the scar area later with a better knowledge of the growth, and you would not have compromised the scar area any further. 2. Or, You could place in the scar area, see the yield you get, if it's too low, then give up on it.
  20. PB_ Thanks for picking up the deliberate error Hi Gasman, I can not be too specific, only because I'm not persoanlly in possession of all the facts. I do know there was no falling out , certainly not between Dr Cole & Dr Bisanga. The idea was to set up an Association between the US and Europe, but I think logistically it just did not work out as all wanted. Dr Bisanga became increasingly involved with HDC and later became the Medical Director. There are no ill feeling, only recently there was mutual correspondents with New Years greetings and wishing a healthly 2006. Happy Families!
  21. Johny & PB, Sorry, even without seeing your hair quality, texture and curl we would not want to get anywhere near that number. I'm aware that a couple of Clinics/Surgeons claim 100+ FU per sq.cm, but I've never seen documented results of either the look or successful growth rate. What's the point in placing say 100, if you only achieve a growth rate of 60-70%. Also you must think of future loss, at 26 it is likely, why, in my opinion, use so many and reduce your donor area unnecessarily, but each to their own. The debate about what is concidered to be dense packed will go on and on, there are so many variants to take into concideration, such as genetic/ethnic background for example; what maybe concidered normal for one is not for another. Other ideal characteristics include thick hair shaft, curly or wavy hair, a lax scalp, and a low contrast between your skin colour and your hair colour. The original density of follicular groups in the front region prior to hair loss is most likely between 65 and 100 groups per square centimeter. The typical donor region can yield possibly between 7000 and 8000 follicular groups. In theory, it is possible to nearly match or exceed the original density of hair you had in the frontal region. In fact, only 41% of the area needs to be covered to block the transmission of light. You may desire more fullness than this, however. Individuals with better hair characteristics will require fewer FU than individuals with poorer characteristics. Taking an average surface area of the front region we have at times placed 1000 single FU in just the front line, then two's and three's behind, and say for the front third placing 3000-3500 FU. Thanks.
  22. Hi Johnny & PB, Don't worry, I did not take it as an insult, too old and too many years in the game to do that. Yes, Dr Bisanga is our Medical Director, for those not aware he trained under Dr Cole in The States; we have two Dr, including Dr Bisanga, Dr Dr Michalis Georgiou registered with ESHRS, http://www.eshrs.org/ , along with a Medical team of 8 nurses/technicians. Cost of accomodation? funny question, no offence, when deciding on a H/T. I'm sure you can find something to fit every budget. In respect of "artistic" work, I hope so, as that is the crux of the hair transplant. A good surgeon does not only have to be medically proficient with his technique but have a flare for the art of creating a head of hair, especially a hair line. "Agressive high density", not too sure about that one. Yes we want to dense pack, obviously, but unlike some who feel you need 60+ FU per sq cm, this is not considered either safe or necessary. By the way hi, to you all. I have no wish to push myself or the Company in an agressive fashion..there's room for all I hope, just to enjoy the forum and hopefully provide positive imput for all.
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