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  1. I can think of better things to do while waiting for the hair to grow.
  2. May I ask why your clinic only posts on this forum and not the larger U.S forums? Just interested as not seen you on HLH for example. helpme Unlike certain clinic or Doctors who covertly market themselves, I feel we do not. The forum is for patients to educate and learn from others' experiences; not to be bombarded with sales. Hence we generally post pictures, the odd educational post, and do not comment. If you likewhat you see great, if not that's ok too. We are here to inform, provide the best service we can and hopefully make people happy. FYI here are a few, not all, links to posts on Hairsite.com, Post post post post post post
  3. I can say that whoever eurohair is he certainly does not work for HDC; I am the International Patient Coordinator for HDC and we have another in Spain, under the name escar.
  4. PB_ you're showing off now you have a good head of hair. His density was still relatively high, but because the majority of hair is miniturised it seems a lot less.
  5. Thanks Johnny. This patient was treated without shaving the recipient area, and recieved minimal to no shock loss.
  6. HDC

    2900 Strip

    PB_ Thanks for the confirmation of my position, and that it is a patient of ours, not me personally.
  7. HDC

    2900 Strip

    The decision to go Strip opposed to FUE was not a financial one in this case; 2.8 euros opposed to 4.0 euros for FUE. Nor because of the size of the procedure; we will perform 3000 FUE over three consecutive days. The choice was made on the basis of maximising the donor area in case of future hair loss. Although FUE expands the donor surface area it will hinder the total amount of FU available because you have to be aware not to lower the percieved density of the donor, 20-25% extraction rule. Strip would allow 6000 plus FU to be harvested and still leave room for a smaller FUE if so required; very unlikely in this case. FUE would potentially limited him to 5500 FU potential in total. Also because of the closure method now for virgin scalp with healthy laxity scarring is becoming a non issue, unless you do want to have the hair shaved to the skin.
  8. HDC Medical Trichological Centre are offering personal consultations in Central London in May by appointment only. Your consultation is free, without obligation, with a detailed presentation on Hair Transplant Techniques, diagnostic examination of your hair and scalp and demonstration of results of patients similar to your hair loss pattern, with before and after pictures. If you wish to attend please email me directly or follow the Consultation link below, London Consultation Patient Gallery Non Visible Strip Closure FUE Information Page Philip Bell International Patient Coordinator Home Page philip@hdc.com.cy
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    Martin 1, To clarify Dr Bisanga. He has been the Medical Director at HDC for two years now, and only works for us. Previously he worked with Cole, Rose and Mat Levitt(Mhr) before supervising training at Dhi for eight months. He left there and then became our MD on the recommendation of Cole. In respect of who you get to perform your procedure; if you ask for Dr Bisanga, you get Dr Bisanga....no questions asked; we do not run a policy of changing doctors at our will.
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    He still has a few remaining but is having laser hair removal to kill them off; as well as having more FUE later this year to increase density.
  11. HDC


    This patient was obviously butchered, before Dr Bisanga removed the offending grafts and redistributed them, as well as placing a further 2000 FUE to redesign a natural hair line. Apologise if some pictures are not too clear. After_the_FUE_procedure.bmp
  12. PB_ I feel you maybe getting anxious about your growth, don't be; Feller is a good Dr, you didn't go to a butcher with low growth rates....be patient At the end of the day we are all different and growth rates of hair will vary. Possibly the fact he had been on minox and propecia, possibly the timing just happened to coincide with the majority being in the growth phase. PB_ you said yourself that around the hair line the new growth had now grown through, that was only just sprouting at six months. Possibly he had a little more than 60% at six months in a good growth phase therefore the look is good, but technically there was more to come. Don't forget the art of a HT is the illusion of density, you can't match your original density, safley anyway, so FU placement is crucial to the illusion of fullness. Sorry Johnny, but I can't condone 70+, and I believe this may proove why.
  13. PB_ I can't make any promises, but I'll contact him and ask, i'll let you know either way.
  14. helpme, I can't tell you if Dr Cole charges more; we don't though. PB_, up to date pictures you asked to see, he is having more density added to the crown later this year.
  15. I think you will find that the position on shavind the recipient area will vary from one top doc to another, sometimes down to personal preference, for example Dr Cole is not a big one for shaving. The issue of minimising shock loss is not really a big argument if the placement is done correctly and follows a parrellel line from the adjacent hair shaft. PB_ I'll have up to date pictures of the patient tomorrow.
  16. PB_, I will see what we can do, he's an overseas patient. quick, proecia and minox improved hair shaft condition and stabilised hair loss, but did not make a great deal of improvement in coverage.
  17. It is vital the thought of multiple procedures be analysed before the first HT takes place, this is part of long term planning to achieve the best result. There are many factors to consider when planning hair restoration, age, degree of thinning, rate of loss, hair characteristics, donor density, scalp laxity, styling preferences, and previous procedures. • In some respects the man with more extensive thinning makes a better candidate for a single procedure, generally having more realistic expectations in respect of density and coverage than a man in relatively early stages. Also for the doctor this makes it easier to see his hair loss pattern, making it easier to determine future hair loss. A man in say Class 3/3V for instance, or just limited crown balding is hard to determine how quickly and how extensive his hair loss may become. A large, single session, to dense pack the thinning areas may not be the best option, this may hasten hair loss via effluvium, or his hair loss could accelerate during the growth period of the new hair. In more advanced stages of thinning a single large session may be the best option, as the rate of hair loss is more progressed. A large session, 3500 FU +, be it FUE or Strip, can recreate a hairline and framing for the face, mid central areas and crown coverage may be possible, if the hair characteristics are good. This result could stand on its own, with a perfectly natural appearance. • If the donor area is limited and the thinning progresses rapidly you could find yourself unhappy with the result and unable to have further procedures. In this case it may be sensible to have multiple procedures to follow the progression of the hair loss, and to maximise the effectiveness of the donor area. • A man who sees he is rapidly moving towards a Class V needs to appreciate that complete hair line to crown coverage with high density is unlikely and unadvisable without compromising the donor area. Men with rapid loss in the earlier stages, or who have seen an increase in shedding should possibly look at delaying their decision; and understand the need and logic for multiple procedures. • On the whole the better the hair characteristics, the more likely a single session would suffice. Strong characteristics can compensate for extensive thinning and a weaker than average donor yield. • If the FU density and hairs per FU are properly calculated, the total number of follicular units at disposal can be estimated with accuracy. This estimate can then be converted into the value of coverage, based on the person’s characteristics, and not just that 3000 FU will give you “this” result for all. The scalp laxity is an important and sometimes forgotten part to a good hair transplant, especially with multiple procedures. If the scalp is very tight this can limit the number and size of strips that can be excised in the future, or cause larger than expected scarring with FUE. • If you want to comb your hair back this can lend to the illusion of more coverage; the crown area can be lightly covered, or not at all, and still appear as natural patterning. Also, the crown can be covered by the hair from the front and top of the head, if your donor is insufficient to treat the entire scalp. If you wear your hair combed to the side you will generally achieve the appearance of more fullness, but may sacrifice coverage of the crown, if you have insufficient donor. • Although further procedures can be carried when the new hair starts to grow through, say 6 months, there are good reasons for the delay. One is allowing the scalp to regain normal laxity, which will potentially allow a greater harvest second time round, and will aid the neat closure of the donor area with Strip. Secondly, it can take 8 to 12 months for the full benefit, at which point a better judgment can be made as to further placement. A less common issue is of telogen effluvium, shock loss, in the donor area; it is prudent to give the follicles time to recover, helping to increase hair preservation and greater FU potential from the donor in the future.
  18. Yes, it is Dr Bisanga's work and the person has been on propecia and minoxidil for just over three years now.
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