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  1. and one more question for ya Spex. Not often but maybe 2 times a week on the off days and some mornings I like to wear hats. It is not prolonged more than 3 or 4 hours each period. Would this have any effect on hair loss? Also, what exactly is MSM? My hair grows fast enough as it is, I just want something that might help the new hair growth process instead of faster growth. As you can see here MSM not helping this doctor shows that MSM helps very little if not at all. I have heard Omega complex vitamins and flax seed oils are minor helpers for new hair growth. Anything on those? Last and I think most important Spex. Say if all these treatments decide not to work as well as I would like or need. Is hair transplant the best way to go? I have seen pictures of your success and I know many actors as of late that have undergone the same surgery with outstanding results. I ask this because I am an actor as well and unfortunately in the film business we rely a lot on our looks. Thanks again =)
  2. To start the case, I am 25 years old and experiencing some mild hair loss. My hair is naturally thin but I still have a lot of it. The most noticeable loss is the front part of my hair, which started a year or two ago. I recently started propecia, going on a little more than a month. Nothing noticeable yet although I am patient and waiting for one year. I am a very healthy person and in great shape. Eating well everyday and exercise. Recently though I ran into an article marketing Procerin. I went to other forums reading testimonials and it seems this all natural supplement is a good alternative to propecia even doubling the effects if taken with. My question is, has anyone tried this product? It claims to be all natural with 1500mg of Saw Palmetto and other ingredients. The success rate claims to be higher in less time. I would take it in conjunction with propecia, maximizing results. I read about Spex's BIG 3 list and it seems there is too much care. My hair loss is not extremely significant, just to a point where I don't want to lose anymore and hopefully, slightly thicken the top and front of my head. Another one I see on the market is Revivogen and many websites recommend it along with Propecia and Minox. Has anyone tried this product as well? More helpful remedies I have read about is soft Iron. The person that cuts my hair said when he experienced mild hair loss and made appointments with doctors to cure the problem they told him soft iron is another small, but potent remedy in the fight for hair loss. Does anyone by chance have experience with this method? Also, has propecia been known to thicken the front of the hair, meaning the front of your head or just the crown? Thank you ladies and gentlemen for all the help. These forums are extremely inspiring!
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