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  1. Seriously guys, the only way to make your voice heard is to complain to the GMC personally. He's already been under investigation but if nobody else complains, he'll get off. But they won't take take annonymous complaints, you need to to prove you are a real patient. However, they have to preserve your confidentiality (which obviously has stopped you complaining incase you have to go "public". You can see on their website that they'll only ever call you Mr A or something). So, if you want to stop other patients going to that Dr, you have to complain. Otherwise, nothing will change, he/wellsbourne will carry on and in 5 years time, the same messages will be put up about them. Clearly, there is a problem with him but if nobody hears about them, nobody will do anything about him.
  2. I'll send Spex another before pic but I'll need to get more taken by Dr Rogers. Last session was April 2005. I don't know the area so can't help you there. To be honest, I'm more interested in results than numbers! I gather 1250 isn't a lot, especially for the crown but I wanted FUE, not strip. There's a shortage of FUE pics since it's a new technique so I'm just adding my experience. It proves it works. Actually, although my hair is longer, I haven't combed it back, all the hair on the crown is still brushed forwards if you zoom in - the hair is swirling out from the crown centre. So you are seeing a genuine, unairbrushed improvement. I'm happy enough with the density now for my age and the number of grafts. After all, it's only a question of adding more hair - I don't what you'd expect from 1250 FUE grafts but it's everything I was told it would be or expected.
  3. Here's about 1250 grafts between before and after.Sorry about the delay, I had difficulty getting hold of Dr Rogers as he's been busy setting up an FUE clinic in London. I'm very happy with the results. Hang on, how do I upload pictures?
  4. No problem, I'll ask Dr Rogers for my pre-op photos (mine aren't very clear from my cheap camera) and post them shortly.
  5. Some good points I agree with there. And I'm sure other names will come up in time but, looking at it from afar, my main concern is that when you look at the list of posts under hair transplant, nearly all are: Dr Feller Post instructions Dr Feller showcase Dr Feller patients etc etc. So few other docs are mentioned (including Cole et al), that it is highly suspicious, even if it isn't! You look on other forum sites and the familiar names come up and each has their patient advocates (and dissenters/critics) but on here - where's the variety?
  6. How do you know they're great? Have you seen them all personally or are you going by postings on other websites? Again, I'm not being critical but it pays to make ones own mind up and one of my projects at university was in dissecting statements that appear simple but may be illogical. For instance, you have stated 4 names but what is your proof? Secondly, you have stated how important it is to get a HT right. However, if all the guys you recommend go to these 4 docs, those docs could not physically work on them all - there would be too many patients. And of course, each year, more balding guys are "born." And of course, other doctors might not get any work and so no "new" "top" docs would develop the skills to replace them. Also, to write off 99% of the other docs without personal experience of them is a bit arbitary. What about the 5th best doc in the world, who's that? etc etc Should he be written off as not worthy. You see, difficult questions can be made from simple statements I'm only playing Devils advocate here but I think I do have a valid point about only talking about Dr Feller - it suggests a concerted advertising campaign on this site. After all, Dr Woods invented FUE effectively yet he is not mentioned. But please, I'm Not being critical of any poster, doctor or other person, simply pointing out alternative viewpoints.
  7. I'm not being sarcastic but this site has already turned into one long advert for Dr Feller. He's a good doc but there are other good docs too - obviously other American ones (or Canadian!) Dr Rogers is the best in the UK but don't forget there are also good docs from India, Australia etc too. I make this point before this site loses all credibility with the average UK guy needing good work. This site appears to feature Spex mainly but since this is a UK site, it is doing a disservice to the readers just to mention one American doc and casting all others as second rate - or worse, not mentioning them at all!
  8. Dr Rogers has been using the tricho closure since 2003. See a picture of it on his website gallery section at www.rogersclinic.co.uk
  9. I admit I'm biased having had 3 HTs (FUE) with Dr Rogers but for those of you who Don't want to travel to the USA to see Dr Feller, I can vouch that Dr Rogers is excellent at FUE. He also has a good reputation for strip, including the Trichophytic closure. If you want to see a picture of a tricho scar, look on his website in his gallery section. He's been using it since 2003. www.rogersclinic.co.uk
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