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    A non drug formulation pill to combat hairloss and block DHT.
  2. Any views on Nanocaps from nanaogen. Cheers
  3. Hi Spex, What roughly is the healing time after such surgery ? And what kind price are we looking at ? Many thanks Ptk
  4. Anyone had any experience of Caffeine Shampoo ? Thanks
  5. Anyone had any experience of Spectral DNC? Cheers
  6. Has anyone had experience of MIN products ? They are New York based and now sell on Amazon. They offer a range of DHT blocking products ranging from Shampoo to styling gel/cream. Any feedback would be appreciated. PTK
  7. Thanks Withnail, very helpful.
  8. Can anyone let me know the results of using Copper pepide shampoo/products. I use Nizoral a couple of times a week then Hair Genesis shampoo the rest of the time in conjunction with Minoxidil and nisim scalp formular. I have just purchased a bottle of American Crew revitalising shampoo containing Copper Peptides as well as Saw Palmetto,Green Tea, Rosemary/Thyme and wheat protein. American crew have a specific range of products designed at addressing hairloss - any feedback on these products would be much appreciated. Cheers PTK
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