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    I am a wigs technical consultant working in theatre, film and television (check out my biog on my web site). I like to think there isn't much I don't know about wigs, hair pieces and cosmetic preparations. I am honest, I am genuine. <br><br>In my industry it is a closed shop...we don't share our knowledge with the public. I have always thought that to be madness when we have the solutions to so many of your problems. <br><br>I am wishing I had come on anonomously as feel I could have said more that way...I have to be careful what I say! Having said that you are welcome to privately e mail me on more sensitive matters. <br><br>The whole wig business an enormously complex subject. It varies so much in the individual and who you choose to get your wig from. 95% of the 'work' I do privately is for love if you like...to help people. It is free. Occasionally people want to come and see me, to have a couple of hours to become totally informed...to know everything there is to know so they will never be ripped off again. The people I have seen over the years say how thank ful they are to have found me. They can now stop looking around, they trust me because I don't sell things, don't try to get them to spend money- put them in touch with suppliers. I save them thousands of pounds. Literally. <br><br>Unfortunately for me I get tarred with the same brush as the big companies, but I am not profit making. I actually charged just 4 clients last year. I would not get rich on that. All I want to do is share my experience and expertise within the industry to make the lives of real people happier. It is my mission if you like. <br><br>The people who contact me are often 'floundering' when they find me. They just don't know what to do, they are completely uninformed and pushed in to bad choices. <br>I can tell you it is possible to have a wig which is 100% natural. I am working with them all the time and on actresses you don't even know wear wigs! <br><br>You can rely on me for good honest advice :)<br><br>
  1. The massage side of things is good, but there are other ways to boost your circulation in that area rather than washing hair -hanging the head upside down for instance or using a good quality hair brush. But washing your hair daily is never a good idea. The hair and scalp were designed after all to cleanse themselves and the more product we use on the scalp, the more the scalp has to adapt and usually this is to the detriment of hair health. If you are going to wash everyday, ensuring the products you use are of an acidic ph will help, but certainly I encourage my clients to reduce the frequency of their shampooing and with regards to my children, I ensure they only wash their hair once a week, to discourage problems of the scalp in adult hood.
  2. It isn't a good idea to wash your hair everyday full stop, although it is unlikerly to promote more shedding (Its kind of a case of if its gonna go its gonna go!). Using a bristle brush & wide tooth comb help, as well as using a PH regulated shampoo which will not over lather. It is the lather which causes the problems. Also conditioner can cause excess shedding. Hope this helps.
  3. Hey Sparky, Ok get a colour close to your natural colour and go for something like Movida or L'Oreal Diacolor. These are non ammonia and are actually richly conditioning so they leave you with healthy looking shiny hair. They are easy to apply and the colour FADES out leaving NO REGROWTH. Hope that helps.
  4. Hey Stan, Most thickening shampoos are only effective if you allow them to build up in the hair. One of my favourites is a cheap one by L'Oreal. i think it is called regererum for men or something like that. But its in a silver bottle. My husband uses it and I recomend it to male clients as it is usually effective and won't break the bank to try.
  5. As far as natural treatments go, the oldies are the goodies - boosting circulation with regular light massage, using a shampoo which is not creating a big lather, trying aromatherapy oils, using a bristle brush and most importantly eating a high protein diet. For healthy hair you ideally need to be eating protein at every meal. Enjoy!
  6. They are basically the same thing. As with everything cheaper generic versions are available, but I think Toppik has the edge and is regarded as superior.
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