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  1. Jesus! that's amazing! congratulations mate. it doesn't look like you have any thin/balding hair at all! hope it continues!
  2. Hi everyone. Been a while since I posted on here. Still fighting my corner in the world of Hair loss....still losing :S Anyway, I was just wondering if using this site is still the cheapest/best site to buy the Rogaine Foam? I use it as daily as possible but need to buy some more! (http://www.minoxidil-direct.co.uk/) Secondly. I'm off to see my GP tomorrow. Previously I've not been allowed (for medical reasons) to use finasteride. However after a meeting today with my consultant I have been taken off a nasty tablet (YIPEEEE!!!!!) so I'm now hoping that I can try the finasteride. I have been talking to Dr Ashcroft - whom is very pleasant and knowledgeable of the product. So hopefully tomorrow I will ask my GP if I can start using it again. I know it cannot be prescribed on the NHS and that it would have to be a private subscription (which I doubt she will want to take responsibility for, but we won't know until I ask will we?!) Hope you're all well. Keep ya chin's up fellas! Thanks,
  3. hey, just wanted to say a massive thanks guys! it's not so much good to know there are people in my position, but it's nice to know people that understand it. the teasing annoys me, as I am a pretty friendly chap, and I need to approach these people for technical support in my job. not only do they on mass always outsmart me with a load of technical crap, they always mention my hair these days - which is a shame as they are really quite nice people on their own. I tend not to get personal when it comes to joking around, as I know how it feels. Consequently the guys taking the piss are actually bald! Anyway I may say to them about it. If they push it again, I'd like to approach their boss, but I think overall that would just cause more embarrasment. At least at the end of the day I have a good personality. As for the girls - I too, am 27. I do have offers from girls, but never the ones I want, and I'm becoming increasingly more shy due to my hair and other physicalities with my appearance. It totaly sucks and I think we are way too young for all this crap. My job is increasingly more stressful and it's not necessary. Then other times I look at people with severe problems, and think how dare I be so ungrateful. Perhaps it is more psychological in the long run - I know that's what GP's talk about when I go to visit them. Anyway, I'm rambling - I'll get my stuff ordered up tonight / soon! Thanks guys - you're all cool
  4. Thanks for the reply. It's assuring that it is all working for someone, and yougive us hope! . I know this is and has been an issue with me for sometime. You're right with my condition and illness though - it soon didn't become as important, yet I can't help but feel lacking in confidence for LOTS of reasons now, and hair loss just tops it all off. It is coming to the point of being teased at work and stuff now, and it seems to put an extra amount of stress on everything. I know it will happen one day and I accept that ( I really do) though I am still young and want to feel confident in my approach to the opposite sex. Anyway, enough of the ramble. Finasteride - is this the tablet that contains propecia? where do you get it from? is it prescribed? ***IF*** it was the tablet that contains the propecia, then Iwas not allowed to use it Saying that though, I don't think I should have been using rogaine as it was not to be used with high blood pressure, but I did still use it off and on. I can only ask once more and see what they say, it's just unfortunate that my medications are becoming more important at the moment, so I think they will say no Hair Transplant, yeah, though a lot of worries with that: gettign a good job, cost, time it takes to do, being 'discreet' etc....I could always take 6months sick pay, and then jet off to teh states....but don't think that would go down too well when I return more radiant than ever! heh I'd never do that anyway, I have worked as much as I can through my illness. That place looks good for the rogaine foam. That must be where you get it from is it? The price seems good. How easy is it to apply? Is it messy? I rarely have time in the mornign to apply rogaine, as it makes my hair all wet - once it's wet it obviously looks thinner! So I try not to go out the house with it wet etc. I get the impression the foam will dry out quicker for some reason? Nizoral, why do people use this? what does it actually do? I know not to use it too much and would just use it once or twice a week. Again, where is the best place to buy it? I will re-read your post and look at the links you recommend. I need sleep at the moment! lots on, making things more stressful and not helping! D'OH! lol Thanks northwest and anyone else that would like to throw in their 2pence? Cheers
  5. Hi all, I really could do with some help. Looks like a great forum, so I am hoping for the knowledge of others. My hair has been thinning for years. From the crown and the temples – typical signs of male pattern baldness. My dad is pretty much bald, and my mum has a thin hair strand (though not really noticeable) so either way it’s coming to me I spoke to my GP about this issue some time ago, and I started with the Regain topical solution. Not knowing if this is working or not, I continue to use it – just in case it actually is , and if I stopped it might make the hair loss worse! Eeek In between the initial use of this and now, I have suffered a serious illness, and consequently I pass a lot of protein in my urine, again this harldy helps hair growth . My hair really does fluctuate in it’s appearance and texture. When washed it is REALLY dry! When I have been asleep or out for an evening it is VERY greasy (I’m pretty clean and hygienic), it also suffers from dandruff spouts! :S So I currently use Regain 5% (as daily as possible) , and hair thickening shampoos (once every other day) , the best I have found is: NISM. Though I am looking to change my remedies and require any help/support. The BIG 3 is something I am looking into. I am inspired by northwest's post with his pics (here) 1.As I currently use the regaine solution, I have just noticed the Regain Mouse, and was thinking this may be easier to apply and control. 2.Finesteride – unfortunately I am not allowed to take any medication by tablet form as I am on enough medication So that’s out of the question. 3.Nizoral – so this is a shampoo only to be used 2 times a week max? If that is the case – should I use my NISM shampoo daily, and then when scheduled try the Nizoral. Then I could also use MSM maybe? (what is that?) Reading back – I guess it wouldn’t be that much of a change, as basically it is a different application of Regaine, and similar shampoos. Though I think trying the anti – dandruff one and perhaps the MSM. I would also welcome any mutli-vitamins if they help? I must point out, that I have increased hair growth on my back, which we think has happened due to the medication I am currently on (which includes steroids) it’s typical isn’t it? I want hair on my head – not on my back! Sorry for the long winded post, but I really would like some inputs. I’d like to order the new mouse stuff from Regain today, as I am due a new batch – where is best in the UK to get it? Thanks everyone!
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