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  1. It is a supplement for Hair Nails & Skin also Arthritis. http://www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip904.htm Iv not used it my self but are keen to add it into my routine Simon.
  2. This is a old post but who cares lol iv bought some nanoguard and it came today ... let yaz know how it goes in a few months ... been on proscar for 2ish weeks now all going well
  3. Hey dazza uk, Which clinic preformed your HT? Cheers Si
  4. Unfortantly Rogaine made my scalp rather saw n red ... which i was aware of and expected it but i hated using it was too greasy made me look balder lol I cant even use the locking mist for nanogen no more coz it irritates my scalp but anyways Dr J Ashcroft should helpfully receive my cheque soon not even going to mention the postal strike grr Cheers Si p.s nice work on the HT!
  5. how scary are them pics! soo big lol cheers lucky this site is more difficult then myspace! (at the mo)
  6. tried to upload them on here but i get this message The requested file upload failed because suitable permissions have not been enabled on the 'uploads' directory. Please contact the board administrator and inform them of this error. any other way i can show them
  7. okay guys here is my balding head!! http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb58/xx...xx/CIMG1053.jpg http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb58/xx...xx/CIMG1051.jpg http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb58/xx...xx/CIMG1050.jpg http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb58/xx...xx/CIMG1052.jpg Enjoy
  8. The cheque is in the post to Dr Ashcroft. He offers a good deal like. I contacted him a few months ago by telephone and we have been emailing each this morning. I will take some photos tonight and will forward them to you and Spex. Cheers Si p.s is there any way i can change my display name on here i don't want people thinking i am 19 still lol
  9. Hey thanks to everyone who has replied and there is some good advise in there First off im not 19 , i was 19 when i signed up to this site i am 21 now. I started loosing my hair at 17! For over a year now iv been using Nanogen 'dark brown' its been great using it but! recently family, friends & work have noticed my weird looking dark brown scalp lol I have tried using Minoxidil in the past but i hated using it as my hair was greasy 24/7! and couldn't style my hair plus as you know it isn't a permanent solution to my hair loss. I do want the surgery full stop! because i don't want to wait till i am 30! ... i at least want to enjoy my 20s. Is it really cheaper to have a HT out side the UK? ... Id love to have the HT done with Dr Feller but i would of thought it was cheaper to have it done in the UK plus Dr Rodgers is the best in the UK right? Basically iv got 4 grand to burn would that get me to the US for a HT with Dr Feller. Thanks again for the replies and advise keep the good work up guys Simon.
  10. Hey, My name is Simon and today iv booked my first consultation with Dr Rogers Clinic. I simply want to know if i can start using propecia before i have a HT? Cheers Simon.
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