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  1. Wow what a difference there.. congrats IH
  2. Thanks for your pics Shaft. At two months your existing hair is coming back nicely. That's prob the most stylish comb over I've seen . Do you use hair spray to fix it there? I wouldn't worry about a little bleeding as everyone's scar is red and mad during the first few months, though yours is looking pretty neat so far. Congrats
  3. Thanks for the pics Ian, these initial stages are always the worst.
  4. Hey BHUK, it's really good to hear that your doing well. Your truly deserve it mate. Personally, I think your progressing nicely. Already theres a great improvement from the state that you were left in. No doubt you'll be wanting more but don't worry.. you've got months of growth a head of you. During my 1st Feller HT, there was a distinct improvment for me from 5 to 8 months and I'm hoping for the same this time round. Your scar has stretched a bit but 1 thicker than average scar isn't so bad to conceal (believe me I'll take it). It's great that you can cut your hair so short. Be patient mate, I too am sensitive about going out without a cap on but it's to be expected at this early stage.
  5. BAL

    Pb_ Books Hotel

    Looks like your all set for June now PB. Booking a hotel can always be a headache. If you've been to a good hotel before, it's best to stick with it as trying a new one is always risky. I don't trust a lot of the reviews made in those hotel sites . Thanks for the tax free shopping tip.. I had no idea about that! I hope you have a pleasant trip mate and good luck for the day of your surgery
  6. You don't know what your missing with the staples doc . Your recipient looks very clean and has healed really well. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress .
  7. Yeah I've been estimated the same . Do you mean that if you did a strip without removing the scar, you would get more grafts? All my future sessions center around removing my scars . I'm glad that Greaves is out of a job!
  8. Looks like a fun night out for you guys.. and you all look great.. not a baldie in sight
  9. Pleased to hear it mate.. We are all rooting for you! Your hair looked much improved in your last update and you've still got some more maturing ahead of you. You should also be able to get more grafts by revising one of your old scars.
  10. Congrats on your first HT Dr Rogers. The doctor is now the patient . It must have been an interesting scenario for Dr Stevenson to operate on her actual mentor. I think the small session is sensible as you can always add to it once the hair greed kicks in. If not already get on MSM Happy growin' to you!
  11. Spex you can officially put me down for a consult. I will have just turned 9 mths post op and will be removing my staples for good then (hallelujah!) so it would be a good opportunity to discuss progress and future goals with the doc. I would have liked to attend the openhouse and meet more of you guys but I'm not from London and with the train journeys, I'll be hard pressed to make it to the evening . It's a shame we can't put Dr Feller in a tour bus and make him hop from city to city
  12. Yeah someone from HLT informed me about this, I've no idea how it got on there. It was a bit cheeky of them to put it on their site without asking you. Btw I hope your doing well S.A.F.
  13. Great growth for 5 mths! No signs of a HT whatsoever
  14. I see that site has one of S.A.F's enlightening posts on HTs: link1 link2 I've never heard of Dr Santo before
  15. Hi Hairoot, thanks for sharing your pics. Your hairline looks much improved already. Could you take some more side on pics when you get the chance or in your next update? I'll be posting some pics soon myself. I can relate to your 2nd session as I too have had a relatively small hairline touch up. The only difference is that mine was thickened up, while yours was lowered. Congrats so far mate .
  16. Thanks for sharing your experience Mr T, sounds like your session went very well. Heal well mate. Will look forward to hearing about your progress in the months to come.
  17. BAL


    Great to see that your developing so quickly Zipit. Your pre-op pic just shows how crap your H******* ***** HT was. At 6 months theres already a big transformation. At this rate you'll be looking like Sideshow Bob at the 12 month mark
  18. Thanks for sharing your pics BIB. From all the results I've seen to date, I think you can consider yours as pretty good. It does look too thin for that particular style but that could be due to the harsh lighting that some have picked up on. At 11 months, you've more or less had all your growth and although you've got a lot of maturing ahead of you, it looks like you'll need another session to get sufficient density. This is pretty similar to what happened with me. Sagg's assessment and explanation is accurate. I had a few consultations before my first session with Dr Feller and I was told that for a first time HT patient, the survival rate is usually 98-100%. For repair patients, the growth rate maybe somewhat less as the scarring (from mulitple incisions) restricts the amound of blood reaching the grafts. I know I was left with severe scarring from my 4 HG procedures because Dr Feller and his technicians commented on it . Having said that though, I have seen many first time HT patients with the same amount of graft failure. Therefore, I strongly believe that graft quality plays a major role in your final outcome. It would be nice to get a doctors opinion on this. I have also read about other factors like the number of times you wash your hair as if you don't do it daily, the grease like soot can also restrict things. There are probably many other factors too but one things for sure, it certainly isn't down to poor surgeon's technique. Anyway your results are positive and looks tonnes better than before. Congrats
  19. Your grafts will be safe after day 3 or 4. I think you can return to sparring at 1 month post op (like S.A.F suggested) as you usually wear a protective head guard which will cover the recipient and forhead area. As for competitve kick boxing, I would leave it for at least 3-4 months as you obviously don't want to take a round house kick to the head and slash your head open Amateur wrestling is a lot safer and you could wear a head/ear guard for that too so it's the same for sparring (i.e. 1 month post op) IMO.
  20. Hey Mr T, Congrats on your prospective surgery with Dr Feller. I'm sure it will go well and as a virgin scalp patient, I'm sure 3k is achievable. You'll soon be able to put the experiences of AHS behind you .
  21. BAL

    Hats Off!

    Wow, you know your only 345,600 seconds ahead of me
  22. BAL

    Hats Off!

    So how long post op did it take you to make this bald.. oops I mean bold move?
  23. BAL

    Hats Off!

    This is always a big step. You feel kind of paranoid when wearing a cap all the time, but it's even worse when you try it without. Sounds like it's gone unnoticed. Happy Days
  24. My situation is a particularly unique one and Dr Feller has a greater understanding of it as he has operated on me before (which turned out pretty good ). He therefore knows my situation inside/out. Also it was Dr Feller who suggested the experimental repair work (which he wants to document) so I wouldn't be doing if I went elsewhere. No doubt Dr Feller would have wanted to do it all (repair & experiment) but that would be financially impossible due to ongoing travelling expenses. That's why Dr Rogers was approached and I got to say he has treated me very well. Sure the staple cycling is painful and unpleasant, but the staff have been very friendly and supportive. The thing I like most about them is that they have treated me as one of their patients even though I'm technically a Dr Feller patient. This for me says a lot about their practice. I've been butchered in the past so I know how some places operate, but I've found Dr Rogers to be a genuine guy whose in the industry for the right reasons (i.e. restore hair and not make money for nothing ).
  25. Wow who would have thunk it?! This must be the first HT advert on UK morning television . I didn't see the advert but I'm sure I'll catch it sooner or later. Aye caramba!
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