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  1. Thanks Spex, I'll buy a tube of aloe vera gel before I go and I'll use it when I get back. Yeah I heard from PB too, he had major flight trouble but more importantly, he was really pleased with the treatment he received and he managed to get an extra 200 grafts too, which is great. It's nearly time for me now.. I've still got one or two things to do but I'm almost set. I just hope things turn out good this time
  2. Hey Specs, so do you think I should wait till I get back home, before applying water/saline soln/aloe vera? Your right theres absolutely no rush for me as I don't have to go to work in 2 weeks etc. I was just thinking of when it's beneficial to start that sort of post op care. How often did you use aloe vera gel when you got started? It's PB's surgery with Dr Feller tomorrow so I gotta wish him luck as its his first time and he's obviously quite nervous. Also have a good time in New York too Spex
  3. Hi guys, its great to hear from ya Sorry for the late reply, there was a glitch with my broadband connection all day yesterday. So Ian you got your hair wet the day after surgery? On the post-op instructions I got in the UK, they said not to get your hair wet till day three (3rd day after surgery). Did you let the water soak the recipient area? From what I was told, you can get the donor area wet a day before the recipient. I also took my bandage off in the morning of the day after surgery. Ian, when did you start using aloe vera? Is it one of those things you leave overnight or did you slap some on every few hours? I might also use saline solution as I have used it before and it's a good clenser. I think I'll take my post op instructions with me and show them to Dr Feller to see if he agrees with anything that I had been instructed. Though like I said, I got four bad results to so maybe getting your hair gently wet a day or two earlier may be benefical. I might take some saline solution and aloe vera with me for my trip as I am going to stay in New York for 2 nights after my procedure. What do you guys think? Kind Regards BAL
  4. Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum. Some of you may have seen me post in other Hair loss Forums. To summarise, I have had four bad FUTs done in the UK starting at the age of 21. I am now 23 and overall I have had total of 2954 grafts extracted and placed in my hairline and have four thick scars at the back of my head. Unfortunately, I still need about the same amount of work to be done on my hairline that I did originally. I met with Spex and have booked a procedure with Dr Feller, which is just less than 2 weeks away. Dr Feller is basically my last bite at the cherry as the surgeon who did those 4 bad procedures on me, has depleted almost all of my donor area, which is kind of worrying seeing that I am just 23. I heard from Spex and PB, that there are many Dr Feller Patients here, so I thought I’ll check it out. The pre-op instructions I have been given are very similar to those which I have previously followed so it would be interesting to know if there are any differences in the post-op instructions. I was hoping a Feller patient could give me a brief overview of Dr Feller’s Post Op Instructions. For example, when I can wet my hair and when I can start shampooing etc. I will be staying in New York for two nights after my procedure, so I will appreciate that information. Also when can I get my sutures removed? It would be nice to hear what people used on their recipient are post op. I will probably get Aloe Vera Gel but I have heard good things about Graftcye too. Has anybody used that? I’ve heard some great testimonies about people’s experiences with Dr Feller and have seen some really good results. I will hopefully post my findings when I get back. Kind Regards BAL PS Suggestions for places to sightsee would come in handy
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