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  1. This is the first I've heard of this and it sounds rather good. The fact that Dr Feller (a rather skeptical surgeon IMO) is investing time, money and credibility on this means to me that there must be something behind the science. I can definitely see myself undergoing this is some time down the road as this could be just what I need. Hi Spex.. please keep me updated on this badboy. I will probably throw some more questions at you about this sometime this week
  2. Hey BHUK.. After a long stint away from the forums I was expecting to see new faces on here but it's just my luck to see a positive post from a fellow journeyman. After being butchered like no tomorrow, I know exactly how you feel mate but soon enough you'll be able to put this in the past and feel normal. Believe me you look normal. Well done to Dr Feller to offer his services for free. I'm sure Spex was instrumental in this .. Congrats again BHUK.. it's really nice to see that your luck has changed.. I hope you feel as good as your hair looks P.S. Hi again everyone!
  3. Unbelievable tally.. . Having a large donor area and then going to a top surgeon to begin with is win-win by all accounts.
  4. Well done Stevo, sounds like a great session and your scar can't even be seen already
  5. The redness is almost gone.. not much of a downtime at all
  6. Yeah these clinics don't miss a trick. Theres not many who can say no to a fit blonde.. especially in person. Well done on giving them a piece of your mind. Most miss out on the opportunity. The article also said that in some cases, staff either did not mention or downplayed the risks of having treatment and the possible side effects. Their report also said that some clinic staff described invasive surgery as "scarless" or a "minor procedure". The funny thing is that this report was made by the consumer ***** Which? and not the healthcare comission or the GMC.
  7. Sounds good.. I'll look forward to comparing Dr. Lindsey's work to that of Dr Feller's quality. With Dr Feller vouching for him, I'm sure he's highly capable.
  8. I saw a new article on AOL the other week about how cosmetic procedures are being "forced" on people by aggressive salesmen, and it criticised the time sensitive deadlines they give for discounts. I'm sure some of the bad hair transplant clincs (such as H0SPITAL GR0UP) are the main perpetrators of this practice.
  9. Thanks for the update.. your growth is v.good for your first pass.. After a 2 year wait, I bet you can't wait to get on that chair. Enjoy NYC mate
  10. Looks great mate.. even when wet. A huge improvement from before. Hows the scar doing?
  11. Happy holidays folks.. try not to get to drunk
  12. Wow what a difference there.. your friends and family must have noticed a difference.. just say ur on meds
  13. According to that baldness documentary (which had Dr Feller and PB in), Will Young wears a hair system (hair piece), which is pretty funny because he has won a "Best Hair" award. He joins the likes of Ian Watkins (H from steps), Prince, Jacko etc. who are also known for wearing wigs (again according to that documentary).
  14. 2300 grafts from your 5th op is impressive.. you must have had a decent donor area SAF. Theres a big difference there from your last session.. I'm sure your hairloss/scarring woes will be forgotten in 2008 .
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