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  1. couldn't see the pictures but well done and thanks for sharing the information
  2. you have found a great place here i only wish i had found it sooner before making the big mistake of going to wellsbourne.they left me in a messy condition and now i am needing repair. meet with spex as i think he is one of the few people who can understand where your head is at and he will not try and sell you like all the other places i have been to if you are going to have a transplant do a lot of research and make sure you meet patients.
  3. good luck with your repair slaps. i need a repair after wellsbourne left me with a big low scar and pluggng mini plugs i am seeing dr feller next year
  4. thank you for your support i agrre they have a lot to answer for
  5. good luck dazzauk i wish i had found them sooner as it could of saved a lot of agony and anxiety obviously you are not happy with rogers ht either. i was not impressed by rogers at all and his recent pictures don't make me want to sign up at all. i wish they did as i wish i didn't have to travel but like you undertand we must travel to get it done right so much for opinions on clinics i think its best coming from actual patients
  6. thanks dazza and mrt i really hope feller can help me out as i am sure you do dazzauk. sorry to hear you went to the H******* ***** seems like that place is destroying a lot of people good luck with your repair. not far behind you
  7. thankyou for this account of your experiences with feller. it has come at a much needed time for me although i am confindent in my decision to see him for my repair it only helps confirm reading posts like this
  8. i am new here but have been a reader of all the forums for some time including the one on the links here. i had surgery here in the uk which has left me requiring repair i consulted with both the clinics you have linked farjo and rogers and both did not install me with much confidence to help my situation to be honest i found rogers very unenthusiastic about helping me and farjos consultant arrogant and had no empathy he had a very obvious transplant which didn't really install any confidence in me. and after reading many posts of patient experiences on many forums i have opted to travel to see feller as i don't believe that the clinics in the uk can offer the same end result from the results i have seen here. here are some recent rogers pictures. are these what i can expect from feller... i hope not i thought about going to europe to see many of the advertised clinics but after reading so many glowing reviews and testimones from guys who had been in simialr situaion to me the common opinion is that you need to travel to get the best and i do not have the option to roll the dice and hope. i need to get my situation sorted by the best so intend to travel. post op 1800 grafts post op 3800 grafts total 300 fue
  9. thanks for the support. the scar is low and spex has commented on this. we might just have to leave it and fue into it at alater date or use graphs from the new strip scar to fill it in i have been left in a very trick position about the scar i hope feller can remove some of it. i will have to wait and see
  10. hello, been reading for a very long time and wanted to finally share my story I had a very poor surgery with the wellsbourne clinic back in 2003 and was left heavily scared with awful growth in the temples. i had supposidly 600 grafts but nowwhere near that amount grew what did grow is awful and i have a massive scar for the effort this has affected me in many ways and now i do not go out at all hardly and if i do i have to wear a hat which is very sad coz i am a young guy who has had his youth stripped from him thanks to con men like stephen barnes :angry: he actually told me my transplant was one of the best i could have wished for and that they do not get better. i complained to him repeatedly to be told to f@ckoff and hung up on. i feel sorry about my situation but luckily can be repaired after much research. i feel sorry for any person who goes to the now hosptial gruop clinic which is run by this man as i can only imagine how many other guys are being ripped off just like me and told to just f@ck off after receiving results like these and to be told that it was a success this is my situation now and i am now intending to get my nightmare repaired by dr feller in the new year after reading many successful accounts on all the forums. i am intending to revise the scar and get enough grafts to repair my nightmare. the scar might be to low to get so i will have to see what feller can do to help me i would like to thank spex for his advice and understanding along the way. he recommended i get consultations for rahal hassosn wong and wolf but feel very confident with my decision to see dr feller next year once i have the money saved up thanks to the wellsbourne clinic and con men this is my horrible situation now and i have lived with this for 4 years
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