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  1. However, I do feel that you are treated harshly on the forums. I understand that Haggis had a HT with you a decade ago.


    what about all the other unsatisfied patients?? dazzuk, belink999, etc.. recent patients who reported poor results. if you read through the forums via the search engines on various forums you can learn a lot ;)


    i wouldn't be to worried about micrtoscopes but results from actual patients ;)


    here was one very happy patient though: :huh:


    IPB Image


    1800 grafts

    IPB Image


    i thik i read this guy is off to see feller next as well. i considered rogers for my wellsbourne repair but after much research it is clear he is not anywhere near the standard of the top clinics. dont fall into the trap of geography as look at rogers prices to, he is more expense than a very good north american clinic with awesome patient feedback ;) something roger doesn't have any of which to me is very important

  2. dazza uk Sep 18 2007, 07:14 PM Post #7

    After my experience, 1st HT with H******* ***** (aka butchers) and then rogers, not a butcher but i feel after my HT with him he just doesnt have the skill of the top docs in the US/canada.

    I wish i would have found these forums earlier, now booked in with Dr Feller.


  3. i had really bad surgery here in the uk as well. i am off to see feller in the new year for a repair :) have a look at the testimonies and patients pictures. There is a video i just saw as well of hairline work which has really cheered me up :)




    rogers is o.k but if i were you look into getting a doctor who can do more with your donor supply.its cheaper to have the best in america than rogers who is second division


    my story http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2837

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