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  1. sorry to read this guys story. i feel for him i am very impressed at what has been done here though as this is very inspiring congrats to him and feller for such great work and hopoe this patient gets the repair he deserves when all grown in. i look forward to my session with even great anticipation
  2. what about all the other unsatisfied patients?? dazzuk, belink999, etc.. recent patients who reported poor results. if you read through the forums via the search engines on various forums you can learn a lot i wouldn't be to worried about micrtoscopes but results from actual patients here was one very happy patient though: 1800 grafts i thik i read this guy is off to see feller next as well. i considered rogers for my wellsbourne repair but after much research it is clear he is not anywhere near the standard of the top clinics. dont fall into the trap of geography as look at rogers prices to, he is more expense than a very good north american clinic with awesome patient feedback something roger doesn't have any of which to me is very important
  3. after much research and time mine are. feller(strip,fue), hw(strip), jones(fue)
  4. well done being a reapir patient i know how tough it is. you have really done well so far. i really hope feller can sort my mess in one go. if it has to be 2 then it has to be 2
  5. brilliant result so far well done to him and dr feller
  6. i suffered at the hands of the leading uk butcher shop so only know to well how these patients pictured here must feel to have made the stupid mistake of having a transplant here in england http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...st=0#entry23835 i am intending to travel to see dr feller for repair it is a shame feller can not put the names of the clinics next to the pictures
  7. good luck saf i found your experience info pack very helpful. you deserve the best after everything you have been though. i hope dr feller can get as much donor as possible for you
  8. that is amazing ! especially compared to my H0spital ***** hack job
  9. nice info and very funny
  10. this is amazing well done
  11. 11664

    Fue Explained

    i think feller is one of the most honest doctors aroound. if only i had gone to an honest guy like him in the first place
  12. how has the healing gone, has it been quick
  13. that looks brilliant thaks for sharing your brilliant write up and shots. i am looking forward to seeig feller even more now
  14. thnaks for the write up as i am a repair guy and intend to see feller next year to get everything sorted out the work he has done looks amazing and completely different to what i had done..no suprise there though i think they used a nife and folk to do my surgery..thanks Greaves
  15. thanks pure grief. i will and will also continue to make posters here aware of places like this and evil con men like stephen barnes
  16. i had really bad surgery here in the uk as well. i am off to see feller in the new year for a repair have a look at the testimonies and patients pictures. There is a video i just saw as well of hairline work which has really cheered me up http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2881 rogers is o.k but if i were you look into getting a doctor who can do more with your donor supply.its cheaper to have the best in america than rogers who is second division my story http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2837
  17. this is really helpful as just what i am looking for
  18. your results are inspiring hairoot thanks for sharing them as it really helps .i only hope my hairline is half as good as yours. do you think it is completely undectecable and that no one knows as it looks completely natural.
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    this is a really helpful post spex.thanks
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