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  1. MSM is taken generally to relieve bloatedness, even pregnant women take up to 15000gm of it.
  2. Depends how short your hair is. The recipient will still be red after 2 weeks and more so the donor, unless you are like PB and heal super-humanly quick. Maybe you could use make-up to lessen the appearance of redness. You may also still have un-shed hairs by 2 weeks post op and it wont start sprouting until around 3 months, and it will be slow and month by month more come in. Everyone is different though.
  3. I have been using this for 6 months now, I have noticed an enhanced quality of hair, more volume/feels thicker all over(especially at the front and temples, but thats because i had a HT ) I personally didnt look for any shedding, therefore didnt see any shedding. I learned this trick from starting on proscar the second time, The first time i started on proscar I became obsessed with furiously rubbing my hair to see if I was shedding, inspecting the pillow case to see if I was shedding, looking at the top of my head in the brightest light possible to look for scalp etc. of course all i'd see was naturally shed hairs, but you convince yourself otherwise, so i stopped, then I thought if I dont do anything I will go bald, so the second time I disciplined myself to not fuss over it and its been fine.
  4. Hair looks great at 8 n 1/5 month! I would get someone to clipper it. I think most go upto grade 9 so plenty available.
  5. Get your missus to apply foundation or concealer
  6. jekyll and hyde or p*ssed and sober
  7. It seems he was all the rage in the 70's, the height of the 'tash fashion' I bet he really rues the day they cancelled magnum PI.
  8. Is it ok to take that much MSM? im taking 2000mg a day at the moment, how much faster is you hair growing ? You can't overdose on msm as its a supplement and not a drug. your body uses what it needs and will just flush out the excess msm if you took monstrous amounts. Basically msm is about as toxic as water.
  9. 1664

    Norton Clinic

    We should really make wikipedia pages of Norton clinic, Isherwood, 'Dr' Norton and the rest. Well those that have been butchered by them
  10. 1664

    Norton Clinic

    oops Dr Hartley, probably that old geezer in the yellow pages ad of yester year and author of 'fly fishing by JR Hartley'
  11. Strangely the same thing happened with my scar in exactly same area, tohse couple of staples on the right side of the head.
  12. Careful slaps did'nt you know Nortons pretty handy with a pint glass (to the face). Shame he's not so handy with a scalpel. Mr Norton has actually glassed someone ? .
  13. 1664


    12k is nothing on such a major part of your appearance - put it into perspective, 12k-is 7 years smoking a 20 a day habit.
  14. 1664


    The site itself is so poor, it looks like a default template in frontpage ffs.
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