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  1. I am off the mainland but would hope to meet up with you spex at some point in the future. I've read a bit on hair cloning ie a way to add extra hair in the future if it is needed. Do people have long term concerns about getting a HT too early. If you are in your twenties is Propecia really going to keep enough coverage into your 50's/60's. What are your thoughts on hair cloning, viable for the future? Also although Propecia may not help with temple recession when does your temple become the area it will work if a temple recession pattern keeps creeping backwards. I think I mentioned elsewhere. Are people concerned that DHT drugs like Propecia will not work in the long term. It's been around long enough surely to have studies longer than 5 years, as it currently stands?!?!
  2. hi guys, so are we really that behind in europe with HT or is Dr Feller that good!!!
  3. knowing my luck id be given an afro, would be difficuly to explain that hair difference to people....... intresting article this month on the mayer flap in mens health, a new technique for hair transplant although the photos do have a touch of the donald trumps about them.
  4. sorry you did already answer that question. I have quite fine straight dark hair, what type of hair makes you a good HT candidate. How far in the future do you think that hair will be able to reproduce in the lab. Am I right in saying that you can only use your own hair for HT. In theory if this became available would that mean even a fully bald person would be able to get a full hair transplant?
  5. ok no worries. As I mentioned earlier that is my fear of HR. When you have a meet with a HR doctor can they assess your likely future baldness pattern. The thought of Propecia not working after 10 years with a nice full hairline is probably worse than the though of going bald. If propecia was to start becoming ineffective is there an alternative drug that would counteract the immunity of propecia?
  6. ok will do i think, what are your thoughts on long term propecia use. Do you think that is has a shelf life of 10 years as some suggest? regarding your doctor, do you need to be in the UK to benefit from his services? Thanks again
  7. thanks for the help, i guess propecia is the first step and then if things continue to receed then the photos of HT's are very convincing. Are they any drugs that are proven to stop hairlines receeding further?
  8. Also another thing, because of the hair used for a hairline is it as flexiable as the orginal hair does it grow in a different way. I had a look at your photos very impressive, how many hairs were transferred in total?
  9. cheers spex. What is the data out there on propecia in the long term. Have there been any studies say over 10 years?
  10. Hi there I am a man thinking about how to address my hair loss issues. I have been receeding at the temples and have noticed a slight thinning on top. Hopefully still at the stage where I can help stop it getting worse. What would peoples advise be. Would Propecia be the best treatment? If I were to at some stage have some hair replacement treatment but still took propecia. I have this horrible vision of a hairline but nothing heading back . I believe they can only cover some much of your head with follicals. Please give some opinions if you can. Cheers
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