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  1. Nice write up BHUK. Glad things have worked out for you. I was filling up reading your post!!!
  2. Hi Spex Wasn't this guy concerned about shockloss? His starting position was one that a lot of us would envy so to try and thicken that up even more could be asking for trouble, couldn't it????
  3. Hi Spex Good to see your still out there offering words of wisdom Any reason why the board is a bit quieter these days? Has there been a sudden drop off in MPB or have you got most shipped over to see Dr F?!?!? Fibres starting to get on my nerves now, so I think the big day will be soon approaching. Keep up all the good work.
  4. Fine thanks Spex, still lurking! Proscar (from Dr A), Fibres, and Nizoral still keeping things at bay You never know, might be able to avoid the knife, or at least get to an age where I don't care!!!!!
  5. Hi Julie I think the best advice I would give is to introduce your son to this forum as a start, and get him to just start reading the posts which hopefully will allow him to see that he is far from alone out there with his hairloss problem and that there are things he can do to improve the situation. It is also important not to be seduced by the glossy ads in the magazines promising all sorts of miracles and to simply do the research (how does it go Spex? Reserch, Reserch, and er....reserch!). Spex has been a great help to many people and many on this forum have met and been helped by him. There are also many others on this forum with a wealth of knowledge that they are happy to share with fellow hair loss sufferers. Kids eh? You never stop worrying
  6. Well, I took the plunge and ordered a batch of proscar from Dr Ashcroft a couple of months ago as I had lost confidence in the IHP generic product. I've been taking them for almost two months now and not only have I seen an improvemnet in shedding, but have began to suffer the same minor sides that I suffered when i first started taking proscar 3 years ago. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the last batch of generic Proscar I got from Inhouse Pharmacy were indeed not the real thing. Not particulaly scientific, but I'm as sure as I can be. I'm just annoyed with myself for not using Dr Ashcroft before
  7. Thanks Spex, and a Merry Christmas to you. And of course everyone else out there.
  8. They certainly seem the same to me Joe. I have read posts from those that reckon they're not as good, but I think they're fine. Don't expect to get it right first time as it takes a bit of practice!!!
  9. Hi Joe I find the fibres from "instanthaironline" just as good and nanogen fibres and they're half the price for twice as much, and if you're not sure of the colour they guy will send you a free sample. Getting the colour right is important! Don't bother with locking mist, just use a good quality hairspray and you'll be fine. I also put some V05 texturising gum on first which helps the fibres stick better, then give the lot a spray. And don't forget LESS IS MORE!! Don't go mad, you'll soon get a feel for it.
  10. Well, after a few months of trying to forget about the potential dodgy tablets i think its time for an update. In recent weeks I have noticed a definate increase in shedding and breaking of hair in my hairline. Its by no means a scientific study, but for nearly 3 yrs my hair has been very stable while using the original inhouse fincar and since using this "different" batch things are definately changing. I'd be interested if anyone else has experiencd any change in their tablets since this was posted originally.
  11. Yeah, couldn't agree more. The difference is black and white (brunette and blond?) and for only 4000 grafts. he must be well chuffed.
  12. I use Nizoral twice a week in conjunction with 1mg Finasteride a day and have been for nearly 3 years now and my shedding seems to have completely stopped. Not exactly scientific, but there you go
  13. Hi H69 Lots of questions there then! First off i cut my Finasteride with a Pill cutter into 4, works fine and can get a pill cutter from chemist. I know some folk just do half a tab every other day and that seems OK for them. I tried Regaine for a while, but could never get on with it, made my hair really greasy and flakey scalp, so haven't bothered since. I understand the foam is much better though. You can get Nizoral at most good Chemists, got my last lot at Sainsburys which was a bit cheaper. make sure you get the 2% stuff not Nizorelle (I think).
  14. Thanks for that insight BM. You'll be looking to show off at the next Geek Meet then?
  15. Thanks for the reassuring words tbf. I've been using Ih myself for a couple of years and things have seemed fine, so maybe this is just a glitch! My doctor has said he'd do me a private perscription, but it works out about 10 times dearer than IH, but at least it would definately be the right stuff!!
  16. I think I can safely say IH are ignoring me now!! I've sent a couple more emails to the people who replied to my first enquiry, and have heard nothing. So I suppose we can read into that whatever we want, they've probably got enough customers and won't miss me!!!!
  17. Nice write up BM and really great pics. I don't know if you've mentioned it before, but I would be interested why you chose SMG over Feller, as obviously most people on here tend to be Feller patients. I hope it wasn't just the offer of Janna showing you "the sights" !! My view has always been that any of the top dozen or so docs will do you a good job, but I suppose people do have personal preference.
  18. For what is supposed to be a serious programme on health issues, I thought the hairloss bit was a joke. I suppose we should remember these people are only GPs with a few TV types thrown in and they can't be expected to have the level of knowledge we now have, and perhaps take for granted? Anyway, £3000 for a thousand pubes seems a bit steep to me!!!!
  19. Thanks for the feedback chaps. I agree Pondle, IH certainly appear to be a reputable company and lets hope they're one of the good 50%!! Longpig, your comments are really interesting, and I would have to admit I have been taking these different consistancy tablets for 5-6 weeks now and have noticed no shedding or sides. So with my optimistic hat on lets hope that this batch is just a production hick up. Still haven't heard from IH but will report back.
  20. Well, its update time! Broke into a couple more of the strips of Fincar tonight to cut up, and they were the same as the previous strip. There is a definate significant difference between this batch and the previous ones I've bought. I have sent off an email to IH as they asked me to and I will report back on their reply for those interested.
  21. Hi BM I don't think I'm as far away from Manchester as you, which makes me feel like a bit of a light weight now I'm in North Yorkshire, not too far from Leeds, but I could do Manchester with a bit of notice if it was on a weekend.
  22. Stan

    Bigmac Ht #4

    Good luck BM, hope all goes well. Looking forward to pics.
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