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  1. Sorry a typo i am currently using the 5% kirkland, but will reduce to once a day for the next few weeks to to see if it helps with the dandruff
  2. thanks for the link Spex, but from what Ian has said he seems to suffering from itchiness and red scalp, i have neither just fine white dandruff, will this ease by cutting down on minox 15% to once a day ?
  3. Hi Spex, I posted here that i seem to be suffering from extra dandruff after 1 month of 5% kirkland minoxidil. Should i also ease off to once a day ?
  4. Hi all, I have been on the the big 3 for almost 1month now, but have noticed extra dandruff flakes appearing on my rear of my head and what seems like more thinning on the top front part of my hair (not a area where i use minoxidil) Should i be increasing the usage of nizorial to prevent this ?
  5. hi, yes my hairloss is more apparant on the crown, although it is also thinning on the front too. Not heard of fungal infection ?, Should i mention this to my GP or let him work out a diagnosis ? thanks in advance
  6. Post some pics Chris, how bad is the thinning ?. i am just beginning my treatment now on the big 3 so hopefully that will help. Currently i have slight crown and thining on front
  7. Hi, As you can see from my picture i am getting the crown loss but have also thinning hair on the front. My question really is should the minoxidil be rubbed in all over or just patches where its really easy to see the scalp ? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi All, I am currently awaiting my proscar tablets and have already started on the Regaine minoxidil 2%, MSM and Zinc, Nizoral. I used to wash my hair everyday and now am only washing it every 2 days using pregaine shampoo Is the pregaine shampoo any good, Should i be washing my hair less frequently ?
  9. Thanks Spex, I have ordered the minoxidil but i think its the 2% regaine rather than 5% is that ok ? I have also picked up a bottle of MSM powder from holland and barrets which i have taken also begun taking today.
  10. Hi All, Some Advice please i am looking to prevent my hair loss, at the moment its thinning and i'm only 30. I know i need the BIG 3 but there are so may types avaliable super strength 5% regular 2%. Which treatment to begin with and where should i purchase thse from please ? Many thanks in advance
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