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  1. what a difference.this patient must be over the moon. good work
  2. thanks for a brilliant write up. how has the healing gone?
  3. i agree with this entirely, regardless of "slow grow" wtf is going on with the angles
  4. i don't think he really needs to mention the clinics as i think we can all assume regardsless of which ones they are that none of them are worth going to. the recent rogers pictures highlight the uk's best work
  5. i will defo try that route out pb, thanks for the heads up
  6. that is a head of hair great job feller
  7. thanks for the update mrt.
  8. thanks for the map bhuk i booked the andrews in advance and they have been very helpful. i plan to walk up there the day before and scout it out with the quickest route download google earth and type in the address of both andrews and fellers
  9. thanks for the link spex. that is going to be a very nice hairline.
  10. very helpful spex. thanks!
  11. well i hope for his sake it is slowgrowth. please keep us updated belkin999 on your growth.
  12. well i know rogers likes the conservative approach but...... not a good result so far hopefully it will thicken up
  13. well done pb, hope it all grows fast thanks for being so helpful with all your updates.
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