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  1. Is everyone staying at The Andrews then nowdays? I am trying to get organised with my trip but was planning on staying in the city. My wife is not too keen on staying in Great Neck. I heard its very nice but she wants to be shopping till she droppin in the buzz of the city Definately have to stay near Fellers?
  2. Don't let him near your wife
  3. Well done old timer I will not be too far behind you
  4. I will definately try and make this as i couldn't make the September one.
  5. use PB as a benchmark I think it depends on how much hair you have already and how much of an area you need shaving down. I think everyone varies, so too hard to tell you. I think the only way to try cover a crown is to grow other hair around it whilst the buzzed stuff grows back in to sufficient length 1 month http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2587
  6. quick

    9 Mth Pics

    Really happy for you zip-it You dersved it after you experience with transplants in the uk
  7. I really like the montage spex. I will be in touch soon
  8. quick


    I think thats what you call egg on your face...yet again
  9. quick

    Email Issues

    My emails still keep bouncing back. When is this going to be sorted out spex?
  10. Well done spex , i think its only fair you get paid for all your time spent helping others. I'm suprised there aren't many more words of support here. You do an amazing job on this forum and others offering advice. The number of guys you have helped/saved must be in the 1000's. I for one am glad you are now to be paid.. means i can call you even more with questions! You deserve it mate, all the best!
  11. quick

    Strip / Fue

    Cole is good at FUE also but you sound like your a defo strip candidate with that level of loss. Spex will ceratinly help youout im sure
  12. Congrats there bringitback keep us informed on the progress and the ladies Toppik is easy to use
  13. quick

    Strip / Fue

    All are competent DR's at HT's with different styles. Feller is the only one that provides FUE and is about the best in the world at it to boot. If you are comparing strip prices i think Feller is also the cheapest by quite a bit as the other 2 charge more and you then have canadian tax on top Strip prices are approx $4+ a graft and FUE $8 - $10 I'm planning on a couple of "Postage stamp" sessions with feller How old are you raf and where are you on the NW scale? http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=1199
  14. quick

    Im Back!

    Everyone wants full coverage.Its all dependant on donor supply. Wasn't there enough to go for 4000?
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