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    I'm on fincar..5mg, split 5 ways and I also use minoxidil How quickly can U get in/out of NYC? How far from the clinic? Do they pick you up? cheers
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    sounds a very positive story..I'm happy that the resuls are so good. I'm still worried about costs tho' could anyone give me a ballpark figure for transport, accom and 2000 grafts in the states? I can't believe it would work out cheaper. cheers
  3. rutters


    Thanks for replying..could you tell me where YOU go to? Are there any good clinics in Europe? How do the costs compare for say 2000 grafts when you add in travel and accomodation? Sorry to bang on about money but I do need to operate on a budget. cheers
  4. rutters


    Just wondering if it's possible to go back for a second strip operation? I had one 2 years ago because I was going at the temples but now I want the crown doing. Is it possible to harvest from the same area? My Op 2 years ago was with Dr. Rogers and I was very happy with it. Are there any other recommended UK Doctors because I notice that his prices have risen sharply. cheers
  5. I'd say I'm NW 2a/3..Dunno bout density (left that bit to the Doc) What do you mean about the hairline work? all looks good to me..
  6. I know that he puts 1's in at the edge of the hairline then 2's then 3's.
  7. I know he had 4/5 girls dissecting the grafts as they came out..
  8. I told Dr.R that I was mainly concerned with the front so he concentrated on that. When he and I were happy he said he had approx 400 grafts left to put in the top which he did. Remember with Dr. R you pay for the graft. Each graft may have 1,2 or 3 hairs!! The grafts with 1 hair goes to the front and then the 2s then 3s. This makes the front look more natural.
  9. I was 1500 strip..healing's going great. I used a bit of Aloe Vera and the saline spray at first but now, nothing!! For those thinking of going ahead I have 2 recommendations:- Leave your hair long so that any donor/recipient areas can be 'camouflaged' Allow 10 days before returning to work although I went into town after 7. cheers
  10. @beardy I'm 2 weeks post-op with Dr.Rogers..can't speak highly enough of him. He's a Doctor not a hair salesman. He tells it like it is not just what you want to hear.
  11. I'm approx 2 weeks post-op
  12. How soon after a HT can you start using Minox again? Also do you have to stop taking Finistride at any point? cheers
  13. rutters


    what did she cut em with?
  14. rutters


    thanks for the replies guys Dr.Rogers does use the Tricho technique. He uses 2 sets of stiching, an internal set (he calls these the scaffording) and an external set, these are the dissolvable ones. Although he advises the removal of the stitches to help the healing I was hoping to avoid going to my local GP and answering the nurses questions.
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