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  1. "I think it has to be a personal decision Willy. I don't really have a Norwood rating threshold in mind when I'd say, "right, it's time for a HT". Some of the guys who have already had HTs - Spex, PB and others - might be help you think it through". I was a NW5 when I had my first HT. found out a couple of years ago that I had an enlarged prostate (benign) so I could take finasteride for what it was originally intended for if i wanted. Seeing as I don't have any symptoms from the enlarged prostate I'm still not going to take the stuff. I only used finasteride for two weeks, once, so the enlarged prostate wasn't caused by meds, just age - I'm in my 50's.
  2. I'm looking for a new hair thickening shampoo and conditioner. I used to use nanogen shampoo and conditioner but they won't sell it to me anymore (I don't live in the UK and some dipstick there has decided they won't ship it to me anymore). The new nanogen isn't as good as the old red stuff anyway. Any suggestions? I'm not looking for snake oils that claim to re-grow hair or BS like that, just a shampoo and conditioner that make existing hair appear thicker.
  3. I wish I had your hair - looks good to me. I'd forget the pills and snake oils and enjoy life. You don't need a hair transplant.
  4. That has the "wow factor"! Great work!
  5. Wow! That's thick! Sign me up for more hair!
  6. Looks great! Is it just a tattoo? What about when your hair goes grey, will there be a brown line?
  7. Damn, I would have liked to watch that video but it doesn't work on my iPhone
  8. "After seeing my result, I decided to become a represantative of Dr. DOGANAY." I'm confused... If you had your HT this July, you haven't seen your "results" yet - it takes at least 3 months before the transplanted hair begins to grow??
  9. It all depends on how much hair you have lost, has your hair loss stabilized or not, age etc. You would have to compromise eg. if you still have hair at the front but want to reduce the temporal recessions, you could have the temporal areas done and then wait to see how your hair loss progresses. You could then have the front third filled in and you would still have a normal looking hair loss pattern if you lost the hair behind. I don't think it would be a good idea to have the temporal areas and crown done. I have had my front third done and a "sprinkling" of transplanted hair into my crown. The area in between is natural. I was 45 though when I had my first HT and my hair loss had stabilized years before that so it is unlikely that I'll lose all the hair in between. If you are in your 20's and rapidly losing hair, what I had done wouldn't be a good idea. As I had the whole front third done and not just the temporal areas, I don't think I would look abnormal even if I did lose the rest of my hair. I was completely bald at the front, had good coverage in the bridge area and a thin crown. The "sprinkling" of transplanted hair in my crown brought my crown density up to match the bridge area and the front third is slightly thicker than my bridge and crown but not drastically thicker and it blends in well with the natural bridge hair behind. I'm now 52 and haven't lost any more hair since my transplants. I've never used any meds so in my case there isn't a risk the meds becoming ineffective. If I did suddenly go bald, I could just buzz the transplanted hairs from my crown and keep the horse shoe and front third hair and still look like many bald men do that have kept their hair at the front naturally but have a bald crown. Dr Feller designed my front third transplant with possible further hair loss in mind - the back of my front third transplant is circular (not a straight line across my head) so if i do lose the hair behind i will be left with a natural-looking circular bald crown. So far I still have full coverage, so no problems yet... I hope this made sense, I typed this on my iPhone lying in bed
  10. The donor hair is taken from the "horseshoe" area. Those follicles are almost always DHT resistant and once transplanted will grow on top of your head for as long as you live. Very few men go completely bald due to male pattern baldness - even NW7 guys have that rim of DHT resistant hair.
  11. I'd have thought it goes without saying that a deposit is non-refundable - what would the point be in a deposit otherwise? Clinics have to make arrangements like booking staff, surgery rooms for that particular date etc. so there obviously has to be a deposit to cover those costs (not to mention a days lost earnings with fixed overheads) when a cancellation occurs. I'm sort of confused that someone would expect to have a deposit refunded if they cancelled the surgery. It would obviously be a different case if the doctor cancelled the surgery. If I sell a car and somebody pays me a deposit to keep it for them and then backs out, they don't get a refund - a deposit is a deposit and I'd probably have turned down other chances to sell the car so need the deposit money to re-advertise. It's basically the same thing with surgery.
  12. Any photos? I'd really like to see the tattooed hair too.
  13. Hi mate My transplanted hair is as good as ever and the remaining hair mostly still in tact. My twins are at "balding age" now (21) but they still have full heads of hair, so no need to send them over to Dr Feller yet I had already lost loads of hair by 21. Yep, got rid of all the kids now (at last!) - one of the twins is getting married this summer.
  14. Cool! Now you're an author AND a film star! I can see why Morgan is interested in HTs - his hair has thinned out big time since Super Size Me
  15. I was just messing around with my new webcam and took a pic of my hair. My first HT with Dr Feller was back in November 2005 - I had two more small sessions later but the majority of the hair is from 2005. I haven't used any hair meds either
  16. How's it going Veronica? That was a real horror story! I wouldn't even consider going to turkey never mind have a hair transplant there!
  17. Ditto, hope you are well mate. First time I've logged in for a while - I see the site has been revamped. I'm using the IBS app to use the site - cool
  18. I don't think it's unusual to still have numbness after only 3 weeks. It can take a year for severed nerves to regenerate. After otoplasty, the backs of my ears were numb for a year. Full sensation gradually returned during the second year post op.
  19. I thought the crown patient's result looked pretty good considering the high density of the hair surrounding the bald patch. Pity the video didn't have any immediate post-op shots
  20. Hey, just listened to the interview. Well done!
  21. Rooney's graft stubble appears to be hanging in there and growing. So when it does eventually shed the press will have a field day about his £30,000 hair falling out.
  22. I was thinking the same... he has lost his hair rapidly and looks like he'll end up a NW7. Rooney's HT is very interesting - I can't wait to see if it grows or not and it will be interesting to see how his hair loss progresses. In fact, Rooney's HT is the only thing about soccer that I'm interested in.
  23. I had my ears (otoplasty) and upper eyelids (blepharoplasty) done by Dr Lindsey and he said he could get rid of my HT scar. My scar is only visible if my hair is really short so it doesn't really bother me as it isn't visible with my hair at the length I like it (I didn't experience any permanent shock loss around my scar and have some hairs growing through the scar). I might go and get it done one day. My eyelid and ear surgery turned out very well without any visible scarring. My HT scar is only visible because I have two scars next to each other - I chose not to have the first strip scar excised when I had my second because it would have meant less donor hair.
  24. More importantly, how's your hair doing Spursman? I haven't been on the forums for ages so don't know what's been happening. All my transplanted hair is still growing well and I don't think I've lost any more hair did you go back for more?
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