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  1. This site is just shocking. It's frightening the amount of uneducated hairloss sufferers that are going to get ripped off my these charlatans. They regularly have full page ads in the News of the World as well so God knows how many people are being conned. Have a look at their Q & A section: If it wasn't so misleading it would be laughable. Here's an example of one of their questions. Q HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO START GROWING HAIR ON MY BALD HEAD? A We would always advise you to be patient. It could take several months and in extreme cases a year or even longer. These conmen should be closed down or perhaps we should just tip off the Trading Standards chaps?
  2. I can say with certainty that finasteride has caused me to lose a lot of body hair. It's one of the positive side effects as far as i'm concerned. My brother saw me shirtless a while ago and said 'what the hell happened to all your body hair?!'. He jokingly said he might order himself some fin (although by the look of his mop he's never gonna need it)
  3. It's not just the cost, also the time it takes. I like to apply the couvre and/or dermatch last thing at night, then the fibres in the morning to save time. One thing that worries me though is that we're breathing in all these particles when using them. The sprays were the worst although I don't really use them any more. Often I'd hack up dark brown spit hours after using them so God knows what they do to your lungs. And I worry about the occasional social cig!
  4. I long for the day when I can ditch concealers. I've been a slave to them for too long. It would also be interesting to be reminded what colour my bathroom used to be!
  5. Hi Bagmac, Cheers for that. Think I'll just stick with the Instant Hair fibres for now as I'm pretty happy with them. My routine tends to be a bit of Couvre followed by Dermatch, then fibres. It' quite an effort so I only tend to wash it all out about twice a week rather than every day. Gonna have to follow you into that HT chair pretty soon I think
  6. Bigmac Do you find there's any difference between the Instant Hair fibres and the more expensive Nanogen or Toppik ones as far as coverage and undetectability? I need to re-order soon and just wondered if it's worth paying the extra or if they're all as effective as each other. Cheers
  7. Spex, I do appreciate the invite, but Birmingham's the best part of 200 miles away for me (I'm in Yorkshire). Also to get much benefit from the meet and good advice from people, I feel I would have to go with no concealer applied - something I haven't done in public in 10 years and just couldn't bring myself to do. My hairloss isn't so much the monkey on my back as King bleeding Kong (carrying a bag of monkeys)!
  8. Hi Bigmac, Those concealer pics are really impressive. Under harsh light as well. The key thing with toppik, nanogen etc and with all concealers is to have a reasonable amount of hair to play with in the area you're trying to thicken up. And as has been said many times before: less is more when applying it. You're hair characteristics seem to be perfect for that. So often when I'm applying the fibres (i use the cheaper InstantHair ones), I end up putting too much on, thinking I'll just thicken that bit up a bit more, it ends up looking really obvious and I have to start again. It's a fine balance but worth it when done right.
  9. So one way or another, we can all get finasteride at a really cheap rate, and don't need to run the risk of ordering over the net from some potentially dodgy fly-by-night scam merchants.
  10. Bigmac, You're right, GPs seem to have a real blindspot when it comes to hair loss. And it is understandable to a point. When I'm in there telling him how hair loss is ruining my life he may have 10 minutes ago had to tell someone they had cancer. I think the reason I was prescribed it was by telling him if he didn't, he'd better book me in for a long session of counselling to overcome the problem instead! He perhaps thought fin was the cheaper option. Sometimes you've really gotta lay it on thick! Congrats on your HT by the way, hope you're healing up well. joe101 It's the finasteride 5mg tablets that I get (half a tablet every other day), and there is no difference whether you take it this way or via a daily propecia tablet. It's a private prescription and costs £18 for a four month supply.
  11. Yes they could and they do! I have been getting it on prescription from my GP for over 2 years. Just let them know how much it affects you and don't take no for an answer. People on here think they are getting a great bargain when ordering from the mysterious Dr. Ashcroft. What I don't understand is why he isn't suggesting they ask their own GP to prescribe it. Finasteride costs me just £54 per year! I'm sure I'm not the only one who is entitled to this. The NHS fund some womens boob jobs so they can damn well prescribe the odd pack of fin.
  12. Stan, I wouldn't worry too much. I get mine by prescription form either my local NHS centre or Boots or Superdrug - all reputable enough places. I've received various shaped tablets (hexagonal, round, oval), some have broken in half quite easily and crumbled while others have pretty much needed a sledgehammer. The ones from Boots always tended to be Proscar, but I've received ones of varying consistancy. I'd have thought it's just something in the production process that varies slightly that produces this effect.
  13. Beardy, I went pretty red when it happened. It wouldn't have been so bad if he'd asked me at the same time as he gave me the tablets and I could have legged it straight out, but he then went back for another couple of minutes to complete the order - longest two minutes of my life As for doctors... don't get me started. In my experience when you mention hairloss to them they look at you like you're a different lifeform to them. One classic comment a doctor made that has always stuck with me from back when I was about eighteen was: "Just look at it as something that you can't do anything about...a problem that you can do nothing about is no longer a problem!" Cheers for that doc! I see why you get paid so much now!
  14. longpig

    Tim Uk

    Tim, I actually get my finasteride for £54 per year. I just made sure my doc realised how much hair loss affects me and she gave me a private prescription. I've not cost the NHS more than the price of a couple of plasters in my time so that's the least they can do...there's a thought, I might lay it on thick and see if they fancy stumping up for my next HT
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