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  1. Cant wait! Is there a lot of people on the UK list? cheers!
  2. Has anyone else (celeb) had the balls to admit it? Mel Gibson has had some HT`S. He`s admitted it. Maybe HT`S make you crazy.
  3. I bet we will have a cure for hairloss before Chinese Democracy is released.
  4. Bal hang in there, im seeing quite a lot of new growth at 10 months. It just comes along in spurts now and again. Look at that post from Spex about rushing the timeline of growth. I also had bad depression from my HT / hairloss battle over the years but I think my result from Dr Feller when it finally matures will finally end that. The hard part is thinking an HT is going to improve your life, but in some cases it can almost destroy your life if you dont choose a good doctor and an ethical doctor who is not afraid to say go away, your not a candidate. Thats what hurts the most. So many HT docs in the UK have simply ruined peoples lifes its a complete disgrace. Im much more comfortable with my hair now, yet part of me still feels self-conscious. Habits take a long time to die when your used to only going outside wearing a hat. The future is definitely looking hairy.
  5. The answer is Women. they dont have our problem. I think you may be right! And if it wasnt for our instinctive need to attract women we probably wouldnt really care half as much about our hair. Women = the root of all evil.
  6. I havent heard the demos, but i`ll be buying the album anyway. They will never be the same though without the original members, the chemistry is gone. I`ll still be amazed though if the album comes out this year, Axl has been saying that for the last 8 years.
  7. I had a look for it, cant find it. When did you go to Nobel? Sorry to hear you went there as well. Worst mistake of my life going there by far.
  8. What idiot decided that mirrors should have bright lights above them? Like so many in hotel bathrooms and restraunts, , bars, airports. I hates them!
  9. Dont know what to make of Axl`s hair. Ive heard rumours of an HT...but that doesent look like an HT. His hair looks ridiculous now, your not in Korn man! Looks like a rug with hair extensions. When the hell is the Gnr album going to come out?
  10. From my experiences of previous surgeries (UK) I was under the impression that what you had at 6months was about it, well 85-90% it. I've had 4 ops in 18months, the last three all within 13months. Do you think that this will effect my growth making it slower? I hope it means that there is still more to come from my 2nd/3rd ops but I'm not holding out much hope of that. Zimmy I think that the hat is more like a security thing after a while you just get used to having it on but I'm sure that you'll gradually feel more comfortable going out without it. Can't wait till I can ditch mine I even wear it indoors if people are about, even though I do feel a bit stupid doing this. S.A.F who did your previous HT work? Was your work on the same or diffirent areas? I thought the Nobel Clinic who did my first 2 HT`S in hindsight were being very unethical in doing my 2nd procedure 8 months after the first. But this was when I was clueless about HT`S...sigh. I think it just depends on the individual, but yeah some guys defintely notice slower growth with each procedure, some dont like Spex.
  11. Keidi`s hair is amazing, he can still grow it to an amazing length. Maybe we should all be taking heroin?
  12. The arguing is pointless and doesent help anybody. I didnt start to lose my hair till I was 22, had my first HT at 26. To be honest there is no "top doc" as Johnny likes to point out who will take you on at 20 except for Armani. Make of that what you will. All very well saying go and consult with them, but there going to say your too young right now. Some people on this and other forums seem to think that EVERYBODY is a candidate for an HT, its an attitude that is just going to sway people into making bad decisions. Some people just dont get that HT`S should be the last resort in the hairloss battle, its something I wish I had learned before I had my first HT.
  13. Coming from the well known "forum idiot", your opinion doesent really concern me much. I couldnt care less about your opinion Zimmy. - Just keep takin those little blue pills. I dont take any little blue pills.
  14. Coming from the well known "forum idiot", your opinion doesent really concern me much.
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