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  1. Been seeing ads for this place on the Tube a lot recently (along with Nourkrin.) Does anyone have any views or experiences of this outfit? I had a cursory look on their website which talked about lasers and scalp detoxification???
  2. Is it necessary to get the recipient area shaved for an FUE procedure or can the grafts be inserted more subtly? My thinning at the front is not major but evident under harsh light so I am not sure how feasible it is to thicken up the hair count there. I have slightly more obvious thinning at the crown which should be easier to address with this method. Ideally, if I had any HT work I would like it to be as understated and unoticeable as possible as in my job I can't really afford to go for a big strip procedure.
  3. I dont agree. Attraction isnt a choice for women, if you do and say the right things then they can feel attraction for someone. Why do you think you see these average looked blokes with really nice girls. (the ones without money etc) coz they know how to control a high class woman. lol someones been at the David Deangelo videos again hahah spot on mate, i get his e-mails sent through, i must say they have been very good and most of what he says is true. I have tried them myself with some good responses. Do you read any of his stuff? David DeAngelo and have some interesting things to say. When I read DYD I saw a ton of things I had done wrong in the past and realised my perceptions are all skewed. I can also say that any hair loss issues we have with our image affect us a lot more than any women. Treat them properly and make the most of yourself and you will do OK. If you doubt that, just look at Neil Strauss aka Style - the author of "The Game" - 5'6, bald as a coot and regarded as the best in the business: Before and after - balding and pale and then shaved and tanned: With his GF - Lisa Leveridge, bassist for Hole:
  4. I experienced my first thinning when I was a student. I must admit at the time my diet was very poor. I rarely ate fresh fruit or vegetables or drank water and existed on pasta in its various guises and tuna for protein. As my hair loss didn't really get worse once I cleaned my diet up, I think this could have been the major factor. Whilst I doubt diet will reverse any hair loss, I am sure a good diet would improve the quality of what I have left. Does anyone have any advice of what is a must eat and what is a must avoid? Any advice on supplements? I have heard about B vitamins and saw palmetto but am not too sure what these are supposed to do.
  5. I used Toppik from these guys and found them to be helpful. Toppik is definitely good for thinning hair but not for obvious bald spots. I have dark brown hair and use the dark brown Toppik and it works well. I have had it in whilst exercising, while dancing etc and have not had a problem. Rain might be a different story though.
  6. So you guys haven't experienced the shedding stage? Stories about that are what put me off trying Propecia/proscar/finasteride. If you shed, does the shed hair grow back? I also heard this stuff is good for the crown but does nothing for the front of the head. Does anyone have any stories/views/before and after pics or links? If I decide to try this I'd prefer to be armed with as much knowledge as possible first.
  7. I have thinning hair which shows up quite obviously under direct bright light and I have noticed that my crown is starting to thin a bit as well. I am thinking about taking finasteride (probably via Dr Ashcroft) but am worried about shedding etc so in the meantime I decided to try a concealer. I bought a supply of toppik from hair123.co.uk after seeing ads on this site. I figured if it was rubbish, I wasn't spending a fortune and it might be OK. First of all, the service - I ordered a delivery by first class post. I didn't see anything for a few days so I contacted the vendor who answered promptly and a replacement supply was with me within a couple of days. The product comes in a jar that looks like a salt shaker. I was a little skeptical but tried some on one morning and was surprised at how well it worked. It didn't miraculously make me look as if I had a full head of great hair but it certainly made it look thicker and I felt a lot better about it. It is very hard to spot too. Admittedly some of the effect is because the microfibres trickle down and stick to your scalp. I have had Toppik in my hair whilst dancing for hours at a wedding and when I have gone running. Although I have been sweating the Toppik seems to have held on with no embarrassing trickles down my forehead etc. I haven't been caught out in the rain with it though so I am not sure how it holds up under these conditions. The best way to apply it seems to be to dry hair/scalp. Sprinkle on (6-8 shakes of the jar does it for me., pat your hair down, style as normal (with mousse or gel if that's your thing) and then use the fixative spray to stop the Toppik rubbing off on your hands. This is best for people with thinning hair as opposed to those with big bald spots. It needs to have some hair to cling to in the first place. Hope that helps anyone who is thinking about using it. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any and I will try to answer.
  8. Trigun

    Human Urine

    I heard about this before. If I recall the practice comes from India or somewhere and the people that did it ate very clean diets of unprocessed, natural foods. As the poster above said, this is probably not ideal for you if you live on microwave meals and fast food. My gut reaction is yuck but then some people might say having a flap of skin chopped out and the hair harvested and replanted is weird too. It might work but I'll let someone else try first.
  9. I was thinking if getting some nanogen or toppik. Are there any before or after pictures online to show how this actually looks? Is it good for diffuse thinning - kind of like Mell Gibson had but not as bad.?
  10. No HT but I saw Pierce Brosnan interviewed and it looked like he has diffuse thinning at the front. There was a lot of scalp showing through the studio lights. I guess he was all Nanogened or Toppiked up in the Bond movies.
  11. Hi guys I know this is a big thing for a lot of guys when they start losing their hair and think they will become less attractive to girls. I recently read a book called The Game by Neil Strauss. He is a short, skinny guy who was losing his hair badly and yet still became the so-called greatest pick up artist in the world. He shaves his head because he says going bald isn't a choice but shaving his head is. Follow this link to see him before and after he shaved his head and to see his girlfriend. http://thedude7.modblog.com/ Not everyone can afford transplants so hopefully this will help some guys feel a little better if this is a worry to them.
  12. Hi Ahmed Glad my post helped. Doing something about my hair loss will be something I really tackle in the new year. I hope to meet Spex and discuss taking fin in person. I started using Nizoral twice a week and added zinc and B vits to my diet so that's a start anyway. Some people look good with a shaved head but I am not one of these either. If you were Jason Statham or someone like that having a shaved head wouldn't be so bad eh? In any case, you are only 18 right? (lucky bastard ) so six months will go by pretty quickly.
  13. One more thing... I can tell this is really affecting you at the moment but think about this: You can't CHOOSE whether or not to go bald but you can CHOOSE whether or not you let it affect you. You can CHOOSE to take fin, minox etc or shave your head. I think if you can aopt this mind set it might help you. Draw a line under this and choose not to let it get you down.
  14. Ahmed I can't tell you anything to make you feel better but I can offer my own experience. I always knew I would go grey earlier than most when my parents noticed my first grey hair at 15. When I hit my early 20's they started to come in a little more and I would feel awful when someone pointed them out. Now I am used to them and quite like them (I'm 32.) I also started to thin slightly when I was 21. The first time I noticed I was at my girlfriend's one night. I went to use her bathroom which had a very bright light over the mirror and all of a sudden I was seeing way too much scalp. I was distraught. She didn't care but it bugged the hell out of me and I hated it and would have done anything to change it. I started looking at everyone else's hair and comparing mine to theirs etc and it really got me down. My thinning hasn't got much worse but it hasn't got any better. The difference now is I know I have options. I was hoping to meet Spex on his recent trip to London but my schedule wouldn't allow it (next time!) Anyway, the point I am trying to make with the girlfriend story is that this is a much bigger deal for you than for anyone else. I am sure if your parents and your friends knew how much it upset you they wouldn't tease you about it. You are going to be more self conscious about this than anyone - that's only natural. You are on propecia now and you have caught the problem early. There's a lot of knowledgeable people on this board who will try to help you as opposed to sell you stuff. I know it's hard but you should try and focus on where you might be after taking propecia for 6 months. The rest is all down to you. Good luck and keep your chin up!
  15. I have seen this stuff talked up in a few places as being a good treatment. It sounds a little too good to be true. How can a cream regrow in frontal areas? Anyone used it or know anyone who has? I figure this is definitely the best place to ask and get an honest answer compared to some other sites. cheers
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